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Ready for a New Career?

By Brand College Just about everyone these days has some level of understand as far as technology goes. It only makes sense that we would when you consider how big a role tech plays in our everyday lives. Whether it’s our personal computers, the ones we use at work, our smartphones or our tablets, we’re constantly surrounded by some type of technology. If it hasn’t already, though, this should... [Read more]

Tracking Employee Time

By Allied Time There have never been so many options for tracking your company’s performance as are currently available. You have everything from high-tech analytical assessment to reporting to large-scale overviews. Whatever it is you need to do to get more from your company, it’s possible. The thing is, some of the most important ways to track your company’s output don’t need fancy names... [Read more]

Standards That Determine “Viewability”

Viewable impressions are the ad industry’s latest weapon in the fight against click fraud. They differ from the standard impression because they have been qualified by certain standards that certify the view as authentic. This is very different from a standard impression, which has no guidelines associated with it and is much harder to verify as human . Viewable impressions will have a major impact... [Read more]

Benefits of Providing IT Education to Employees

Written by Brand College Businesses have started to focus on providing continuing education to their employees, especially when it comes to IT. This is mainly because a well-trained human resource is able to improve in productivity. Employees also place a high value on the benefits reaped from education. They are aware of the fact that learning opportunities would enable them to better market themselves.... [Read more]

What Analytics Can Teach You

Good marketers develop a process in steps. They begin by building a landing page and an offer, then they work on segmenting their traffic and launching campaigns. The data you accumulate from your analytics can help provide valuable insider information about the people who purchase your products and services. Study these numbers regularly, and establish a system for yourself. You can learn a lot from... [Read more]

Three Types of Advanced Manufacturing

Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC Advanced manufacturing allows to create devices and parts that “borrow” the property of one substance and lend it to another. A good example of this borrowing is the screw, which can be made out of plastic and metalized with steel or iron to increase its durability. The precise cooling of materials has led to several manufacturing breakthroughs. Here, we explore three... [Read more]

Major Benefits of Buy-Side Platforms

Buy-side platforms are very different from the usual ad buying experience, and a lot of newbies aren’t sure how to approach them because of it. These platforms have huge benefits to marketers of all sizes, especially when considering the benefits of real-time. Here are some of the major advantages that a buy-side platform can offer to you. Wider Inventory Google has only one network it draws from,... [Read more]

Software To Improve Efficiency In the Workplace

Written by Allied Time Making use of technology at work boosts the productivity of businesses and enables employees to focus on activities that add value to their work. Some productivity software are targeted towards businesses and provide organizations with the optimal tools in order to effectively perform their daily job. When some processes are automated and communication is eased up, productivity... [Read more]

What are MEMs?

Summary: MEMs are an exciting revolution in modern manufacturing. When you turn your smartphone on its side, the technology inside that makes the screen flip to a panoramic view is what’s known as a microelectromechanical systems. MEMs are somewhat different from nanotechnology, technically larger in size, but function very much the same way. Once it become plausible to utilize advanced manufacturing... [Read more]

What Oligos Mean for Medical Research

Medical research is an expensive endeavor, and results can sometimes produce more questions than answers. Costs are also spread out over several months or years, the time it takes to conduct the test. It can be difficult to use live test subjects for a number of reasons, like the costs of having them come to the facility for testing. A synthetic nucleotide/polynucleotide can solve many of these challenges... [Read more]

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