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Add and Set Ringtones on your Android Smartphone

Add and Set Ringtones on your Android Smartphone

If you have recently purchased an Android smartphone, you may be wondering how you can add additional ringtones, alarms and notification sounds to the phone. To clarify the three types of tones that can be added: ringtones are used for incoming phone calls, alarms are used by the alarm clock application, and notification sounds are […]

Choosing a Good Computer Configuration for your Business

Choosing a Good Computer Configuration for your Business

No matter what kind of business you’re in, you will most probably need to buy a computer to run it. Choosing a computer for your business is a bit different than choosing a home PC. Although computer prices are continuing to fall, ¡t is still important to strike the proper balance between low cost and […]

Picking an eBook Reader

Picking an eBook Reader

Dedicated ebook readers are hot sellers these days; prices are dropping and ebook files are readily available, so more consumers are taking advantage of dedicated readers. People like ebooks because they don’t require storage space, are instantly available when people make the purchase, and are easy to take out in public with an ebook reader […]

The advantages of using EDI with your warehouse management system

Written by Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA Companies implement EDI for one of two reasons. Either they want to go ahead with their own implementation in order to improve operational efficiencies or they do it in order to meet edi compliance for one of their trading partners. Those companies that have implemented systems will see […]

How to Make Your App Stand Out from the Crowd

Today’s app market is very competitive. For this reason, it is tough to make your app stand out from the crowd. Mobile app developers Los Angeles should not lose hope, though. There are many ways of promoting your application, right from the point when a user thinks about downloading it. Encourage Customers to Spread the […]

What You Need to Consider When Buying Portable Power for Aircrafts

Before committing to a portable battery pack, look at all the considerations. Aircraft owners require a variety of tools in order to provide the optimal maintenance that their planes need to run both efficiently and safely. One of these tools is the portable battery pack, which provides the necessary power that the aircraft needs to […]

Six FAQ’s about pre-employment checks

Written by Tenant Screening Services, LLC It is important as a candidate, that you understand the information that you have to disclose and what your rights are, when a pre employment check is being conducted. Here are 6 FAQ’s about pre employment checks. What does a pre-employment screening check consist of? Most companies will look […]

iPhone vs Android: Choosing the Right Platform for Your Business App

As any of the nation’s large mobile app developers in Los Angeles can tell you, one of the keys to creating a successful app is choosing the right platform. Some apps do better on iPhones while others are best on the Android platform. Which is best varies depending on your app’s specific operation and goals. […]

Fender’s FXA2 in-ear monitors sound great onstage and off

When you think “Fender,” your brain conjures up images of guitars, of long-haired tattooed musicians exploding into ear-piercing solos. It's an appropriate assessment — the Stratocaster (or one of its many clones) is usually the first instrument of… Original post:  Fender’s FXA2 in-ear monitors sound great onstage and off  Read More →

Ben Heck’s Pokémon Go survival kit

The team responds to the Pokémon Go craze, taking your suggestions to create an improved Pokémon Trainer experience. Ben, Felix and Karen join forces to design and build a smartphone wrist mount for your iPhone or Android handset tha… More here:  Ben Heck’s Pokémon Go survival kit  Read More →

Google Hangouts adds emoticon shortcuts for easy table-flipping

The latest version of Google Hangouts for Android adds something clever to your chatting experience: 20 new hidden emoticon shortcuts so you can properly express all those shruggie feelings and table-flipping rage moments. Less exciting than a quick… See original here:  Google Hangouts adds emoticon shortcuts for easy table-flipping  Read More →

Google Home is rumored to cost $130

Google Home, the latest entrant in the voice-activated-assistant race, will cost $130 and include the colorful base options shown off at the company's I/O conference in May, according to Android Police. Home is Google's answer to the Amazon Echo, tho… Read more from the original source: Google Home is rumored to cost $130  Read More →

Star and galaxy birth causes giant space blobs’ intense glow

A team of scientists have unraveled the secret behind lyman-alpha blobs and their intense glow. These massive clouds of hydrogen gas baffled astronomers from the time they first found out about their existence. A scientist named Charles Steidel disco… Read the rest here: Star and galaxy birth causes giant space blobs’ intense glow  Read More →