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Six FAQ’s about pre-employment checks

3Written by Tenant Screening Services, LLC

It is important as a candidate, that you understand the information that you have to disclose and what your rights are, when a pre employment check is being conducted. Here are 6 FAQ’s about pre employment checks.

What does a pre-employment screening check consist of?

Most companies will look into social security verification, criminal history check, employment verification and an educational verification.

When does the pre-employment screening process take place?

As an applicant, you will have to provide your consent for a pre employment check at the time you apply for a position. Usually, if you are shortlisted for the position, you will be informed by the company’s HR team that your employer background checks is being processed.

When do I need to submit authorization and disclosure forms as part of the pre-employment screening program?

Authorization and disclosure forms will be requested by you, when you have been shortlisted as one of the shortlisted/final candidates for the position.

How long does a pre-employment screening take?

Usually an extensive background check will take about 3-5 working days.

How will I learn the status of the screening?

Usually once the screening process is completed and all aspects are clarified, the HR team of the organization will contact you with a job offer.

6. What happens if I fail the pre-employment screening?

If you fail the pre-employment screening the HR team will contact you and you have the right to ask them the reasons for the rejection.

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