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Benefits of Microsoft Certification

Written by Brand College

In any professional environment it is critical to stay up to date. You can do this with both professional qualifications or educational qualifications. For IT professionals the best route is to get certified in your chosen area of expertise. In most cases that involves the administration of Windows servers and systems. This is where microsoft certification comes in. Here are a few benefits of getting certified.

According to Microsoft, any successful microsoft training los angeles will provide you with a certificate. This certificate increases your chances of being by up to five times. This is because it demonstrates to any potential employer that you have mastered the skills required to attain that certification.

Another benefit of computer training glendale, which you can get at Brand College, 529 Hahn Ave. Suite 101, Glendale, CA 91203-1052 is better verification. Certifications from other training centers are not as easily verifiable as microsoft certification. Hiring managers need to be able to verify that the training actually took place and with Microsoft certification there are no doubts.

Even when it comes to other recognized certifications from vendors, Microsoft certification carries more weight. According to Microsoft 64% of IT managers prefer candidates with Microsoft certification to others.

Finally you can earn more. Holding an MCSA or MOS certification can earn you up to $16,000 more annually than those who did not.


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