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How to Help Grandma Avoid Scams Online

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help-grandma-avoid-scams-onlineAs online shopping becomes more and more prevalent, the chance for identity theft and other cyber scams only increases. While seasoned online shoppers can spot suspect sellers and and phony “deals”, plenty of sites exist that are designed to fool grandma and other less than tech savvy individuals into giving up sensitive information. To help grandma from getting burned while shopping online, suggest that she follow these precautions:

Use Gift Cards

This is the safest way to purchase from any online shop. Gift cards do not require buyers to divulge any financial information. The only information needed will be a name and home address.

Use A Dedicated Online Only Purchase Option

Paypal is probably the best known of these, but Amazon and Google also offer similar services. The advantage of these payment options is that when the buyer goes to shop online, the store cannot see any credit card information. They also offer reimbursement should something go wrong.

Use Common Sense When Going The Craigslist Route

While Craigslist purchases can be made using cash, they almost always require a face to face meeting between buyer and seller. To ensure a safe transaction, always meet up in a public, well lighted place, and bring along as many friends as possible.

Check The Bottom Of The Web Page

Many online stores will list groups that certify them at the bottom of their home page. Certification from sites like the Better Business Bureau and GeoTrust are a good sign.

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Benefits of Microsoft Certification

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In any professional environment it is critical to stay up to date. You can do this with both professional qualifications or educational qualifications. For IT professionals the best route is to get certified in your chosen area of expertise. In most cases that involves the administration of Windows servers and systems. This is where microsoft certification comes in. Here are a few benefits of getting certified.

According to Microsoft, any successful microsoft training los angeles will provide you with a certificate. This certificate increases your chances of being by up to five times. This is because it demonstrates to any potential employer that you have mastered the skills required to attain that certification.

Another benefit of computer training glendale, which you can get at Brand College, 529 Hahn Ave. Suite 101, Glendale, CA 91203-1052 is better verification. Certifications from other training centers are not as easily verifiable as microsoft certification. Hiring managers need to be able to verify that the training actually took place and with Microsoft certification there are no doubts.

Even when it comes to other recognized certifications from vendors, Microsoft certification carries more weight. According to Microsoft 64% of IT managers prefer candidates with Microsoft certification to others.

Finally you can earn more. Holding an MCSA or MOS certification can earn you up to $16,000 more annually than those who did not.


Brand College is an accredited technology training institution that conducts computer training los angeles, microsoft certification, cisco certification and many others.

Ready for a New Career?

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By Brand College

Just about everyone these days has some level of understand as far as technology goes. It only makes sense that we would when you consider how big a role tech plays in our everyday lives. Whether it’s our personal computers, the ones we use at work, our smartphones or our tablets, we’re constantly surrounded by some type of technology.

brand college 1If it hasn’t already, though, this should give you some good ideas about your prospects in terms of careers. Poll after poll shows that most people just aren’t happy with their current position. It only makes sense, then, that you start thinking about how you could move along.

Why not take up a job that involves technology? It’s easier than you think, especially when you look for computer classes in Los Angeles. Not only could you graduate with a firm understanding of how to move forward with your life, you’d be in a good area for doing so.

Brand College offers information technology training Los Angeles that is worth every penny. You can see their campus for yourself at 529 Hahn Ave. Suite 101, Glendale, CA 91203-1052. One look and we know you’ll be sold by the potential it has.

Tech jobs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so make the smart decision and invest in your future today.


If you’re looking to improve your career outlook, computer training in Glendale is an excellent choice. For best results, check out what Brand College has to offer; you’ll be glad you did!

Benefits of Providing IT Education to Employees

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Written by Brand College

Businesses have started to focus on providing continuing education to their employees, especially when it comes to IT. This is mainly because a well-trained human resource is able to improve in productivity. Employees also place a high value on the benefits reaped from education. They are aware of the fact that learning opportunities would enable them to better market themselves. Offering education opportunities to employees is a sign that the employer truly values its employees and their future.

According to studies carried out by the CIPD and various other manpower surveys, more than 50% of employees who receive some form of training and mentoring are likely to remain with their current employer for the next five years. Therefore, even though providing training and education might represent an initial investment, the company is able to yield much more in terms of lowering of their cost of employee turnover. A satisfied workforce is not only able to perform better, it will also become more proactive and have the benefit of the organization in each task that they perform.

IT skills are among the most popular ones that employers wish to impart to their employees since IT is part of every aspect of the business. For instance, employers in the LA area might opt for Cisco training in Los Angeles. For companies seeking an alternative to Microsoft systems or Mac, employees can also acquire Linux training Los Angeles.

Brand College offers computer classes in Los Angeles that can be ideal for employee training. It is located at 529 Hahn Ave. Suite 101 Glendale, CA 91203-1052.

Giving your employees an IT education

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You would be surprised as to how easy it is for you to actually give your employees proper training in IT courses. All you would need to do is look for Microsoft training Los Angeles or even Information Technology Training Los Angeles and you would find several hits that are completely relevant and competent as well. If you already have employees that have a computer science background or have taken IT courses before, these courses are perfect for them so you can update their skills and training to the current practices and standards that the industry has. This way, your network would remain completely secure and efficient all thanks to competent and well-trained employees that have received the best and most updated training as well. Whether your IT department consists of two persons or one hundred, sending your people to training is one of the best business decisions you could make since you need to make your network as updated as possible. After all, there are constant attacks on computers and systems on a daily basis, and should your network suffer and get breached with one of these attacks, your IT personnel need to get it back and working in the shortest time possible so your business would not be affected by it as much. Having in-house IT personnel is also a great idea because any tweaks, quick fixes would easily be made without having to spend so much money by outsourcing IT services. Training would not even take as long as you think.

Brand College is located at 529 Hahn Ave. Suite 101 Glendale, CA 91203-1052 and has some of the best computer classes in Los Angeles that you could get your hands on. Your employees are going to love it as well.