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How to expand your business through export

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Written by port containers

How is it possible for businesses that have offices the size of a small apartment but still manage to make hundreds and thousands of dollars in profit in a single year? The answer to that is that you should expand your reach by selling beyond the range of what your physical store can handle. By exporting, you will be able to sell by bulk and you will also be able to make one big sale after another instead of having to sell through retail. Granting that the profit per item is higher in retail, the number of transactions that you will need to go through in order to achieve the same profits in wholesale would be nearly impossible if you only had one small store. In other words, if you want to maximize your earning potential without having to invest in so much stores, then you should go into export. As easy as it may sound though, going into the export business requires you to have additional permits to the business permit that you already possess. That’s because exporting requires a license of it’s own if you exceed a certain volume when you transport products. However, it’s a fairly easy permit to get. A few things that you will need to take note of before you go into export is that you must have to adhere to rules and regulations set out by regulatory agencies about the manner of storage as well as the dimensions on how it should be packed and shipped.


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The Advantages of Shipping Containers

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By Port Containers

Businesses that rely on shipping options have long had an obvious choice: steel containers. Although they’re not necessarily new, more and more companies have been waking up to them over the years, especially as it’s become cheaper than ever to buy a shipping container than ever before.

Why do so many companies use shipping containers? For one thing, they can match just about any business plan out there. Almost any product can fit inside one and their steel design essentially ensures the elements will never get to them. Your storage container can fend off just about any attempt the weather makes on it without an issue.

It also helps that steel containers can go just about anywhere. While you may see them most often loaded on a barge before going through a trip at sea, these containers can easily be hauled onto a truck and shipped elsewhere once they’re on land. So you can do either or both, in terms of transit.

Lastly, because of their simple construction, shipping containers are relatively affordable too, depending on which kind you need. Plus, you can always buy your own container and rent out open space to other companies to further help keep your shipping costs low.


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Use Cargo Containers for Oversee Shipping

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By Port Containers

When it comes to shipping cargo overseas, you have all kinds of options available at your disposal. However, only the best will do. You don’t want to overpay, for example, as this could become an especially big problem over the course of several trips.

But you also don’t want a lesser quality option that will put the integrity of your cargo at risk. This is simply unacceptable and could cost you big in the long run. For example, you need to consider that shipping overseas involves high winds, water and salt, all of which could eat into your shipment easily.

There are also issues to consider like versatility. Presumably, you need your cargo to get farther than just the port it lands at. Most cargo will need to go a ways inland before reaching its final destination.

With so many cheap storage containers for sale, using cargo containers is a no-brainer these days. There are a number of options from Conex for sale for example, all at affordable prices. Plus, these cargo containers meet all of the above requirements. They’re as durable as it comes and can easily be loaded on a truck and shipped wherever they need to go without issue.


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Create Your Own Building with Shipping Containers

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Article written by Port Containers

Are you in the IT business? Or maybe you’re starting an IT firm soon? If you’re a start up, it’s going to be hard getting your name out there and try competing with larger companies and firms who are already known in the industry. It’s going to take a lot of skill for your company to start turning heads. Otherwise, you’re going to have to think out of the box to get people to notice you and your firm.

Let’s take a page from Google’s book. One of the reason’s why people dream and wish they could work there. Besides being one of the leader’s in the industry, Google is known because of their cool offices with built in play grounds, sleeping pods, and other cool features and architecture. So what does this have to do with your firm? Basically al you have to do is create your own cool office!

Sound hard? It’s not really. Using ConEx containers and intermodal containers to make your office. There are many architects who already have ideas based on these shipping containers. Just think of it as Lego blocks that you can cut and connect in many different ways. You can create you’re own cool and funky shipping container buildings that we all see on the internet. There are plenty of companies that rent and sell these intermodal containers so souring your materials is easy. And since these containers were built to last the harsh sea weather, you know it’ll last in powerful storms and tornados.


Port Containersis the country’s number one specialist in shipping containers. They sell and rent many different kinds of shipping containers including refrigerated containers.

Use Shipping Containers and See Better Results

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By Port Containers           

Does your company currently ship overseas? Are you looking to in the near future? If you answered either in the affirmative, you should be using storage containers to do so. Of course, this also goes for any of you who currently ship at the moment but aren’t taking advantage of this amazing option.

Just one of these giant steel containers comes with all kinds of space. And, if you want, you can handle the packing too, so you never have to rely on some third party in the hopes they’ll take care of your things.

Some companies even elect to buy their containers so they can rent out any free space they have left. Many small companies don’t have the money for a giant container and wouldn’t have the amount of goods to fill them anyway, but would still like to benefit from using them. So you could ship your goods and products anywhere in the world and get paid while you do it.

The great thing about these containers is once they reach their shore destination, trucks can pick them up and bring them wherever you like. No unpacking at the dock means less human error.


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Save Money on Shipping Containers

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By Port Containers

With so many options for shipping your company’s cargo, it can be tough finding ones that will just help you save money. Without a doubt, the highest value for moving cargo is with shipping containers, but this doesn’t mean they won’t cost you money. Fortunately, there are other ways you can save your company’s budget.

One way is to simply rent room in another company’s container. With so many companies using storage containers for cargo transportation, it’s very realistic that many simply aren’t using up all the space they have. Propose a price and ask if you can rent that much amount of room for your company.

If you do decide to follow this option though, a word of warning: be sure you’re aware of how the other company packs their things. It’s possible they don’t do a very good job and their cargo could then end up compromising yours.

You should also consider purchasing used containers for sale. Not only will you save money on the purchase, but you can even make money by renting it off if you don’t use it all yourself. Of  course, now it’s even more incumbent on you to make sure your cargo is packed tight so you don’t face a lawsuit for damages.

If your company needs to ship materials long distances, you should consider Port Containers. Amongst other things, the company offers storage containers for sale. They even have used shipping containers and offer free quotes to better help your company save money and can provide you with refrigerated containers if your cargo is temperature sensitive.

Understanding Display Advertising

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By Ted Dhanik

Display advertisements have gained in popularity in recent years.  Display ads are also often called point-of-purchase advertisements.  Display ads can be both online and offline.  These types of ads require thought and strategy.  Marketers and advertisers who use these types of ads spend a decent amount of time researching a target audience so that they can come up with an enticing and interesting ad.  Advertisers use these ads to gain the interest of a specific demographic.

When display ads are placed online, they are put on websites that the target audience visits often.  These types of ads function by not just attempting to calculate the actions and purchases of the consumers, but also by influencing and possibly changing the actions of the consumer.

When used offline, display ads typically serve to remind potential customers about a specific product.  These ads can be very effective if utilized correctly.  Usually display ads involve various types of print media such as posters and signs.  One reason for a display ad is to notify consumers about a product or a special promotion.  These ads are normally informative and encouraging.  Display ads often sway customers to choose one item or brand over another one.

Whether display ads are used online or offline, the purpose is to inform, remind, and encourage customers to check out and ultimately purchase a specific product.  These ads often convince impulse shoppers to buy a product or service due to the persuasive tone that’s used.

Author bio: Guest post is submitted by Ted Dhanik, the president and co-founder of engage:BDR.  Engage: BDR is a leading media company that offers marketing solutions for direct response marketers and advertisers.  Ted Dhanik has his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing from California State University, Hayward.  Ted Dhanik was previously the VP of Strategic Marketing for Myspace for over five years.

How Banner Ads Work

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Author bio: Guest post is provided by Ted Dhanik, the president and co-founder of engage:BDR.  engage: BDR is a leading media company that offers marketing and advertising solutions to its clients.  Ted Dhanik has extensive experience with banner and display advertising and marketing of all different kinds.  Ted Dhanik was previously the VP of Strategic Marketing for Myspace.

Everyone who uses the internet in this day and age has undoubtedly come across many banner ads.  Banner ads are the small advertisements that appear on web pages of all different kinds.  Banner ads vary dramatically in content and appearance, however, they all work the same way.  When you click on a banner ad, you’re taken directly to the advertiser’s website.

Banner ads are one of the most lucrative forms of online advertising today.  Banner ads are made up of simple HTML coding and hypertext links.  These ads have a powerful impact on online businesses.  Banner ads are similar to basic text links which use some HTML code and allow a web server to bring up a website when a user clicks on certain text.  Banner ads function similarly, but instead of text, they use a box that contains graphics and occasionally animation.

Due to the artistic element involved, banner ads are often compared to traditional ads that you find in print, such as those in magazines.  However, because these ads are digital, they often create a faster response from customers.  Another great advantage of these digital ads is that they can be easily and quickly changed.

Banner ads, just as print ads, come in all different shapes and sizes.  There are eight typical banner sizes, which vary according to pixel dimensions.  Pixels are small units of color that make up pictures on computers and televisions.  Full banners are one of the most commonly used banner ads, with the dimensions 468 X 60.  No matter what the size, all banner ads have a limit on memory.  They can’t take up more than 16K of memory on the web page.  If banner ads are too big or take up too much memory, they can increase the amount of time that it takes for a browser to load on a specific page.

Banner ads vary considerably in graphic content.  Simple banners ads usually only have one static GIF or JPEG image that is linked to the advertiser’s home page.  Today, it is very common for advertisers to use animated GIF banner ads that feature multiple pictures in a row.  There are also banner ads that use audio, video, Java or Shockwave programming.  Many of these ads are very interactive and engaging.

Banner ads often require an initial investment, however, they can dramatically increase the amount of clients and sales for businesses, which makes them a worthwhile investment.

Display Advertising: Marketing for the Digital Age

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By Ted Dhanik

The rules have changed in advertising since the internet has boomed as a primary source of entertainment and information. Newspapers are beginning to close their print departments in favor of publishing on a web site. Needless to say, the paperboy on his bicycle is looking for a new job these days. And unless they find the means to adapt, people working in advertising, and the businesses they represent, might be doing the same as well.

The standard print ads and flyers have given way to banner ads and streaming promotions. The technology exists to apply advertising to the interests of an individual perusing through a website. The latest in advertising techniques brings the content to those that want it. For example, those gathering information about home improvements might find banner ads for a hardware store or those seeking tips to lose weight may learn of local gym memberships due to a streaming video giving a tour of the gym’s facilities. Even more so, the internet has allowed businesses to find the very customers that they are pursuing. Aspects of marketing such as these have revolutionized the industry. And the market is available to those who are willing to change and grow.

The fact of the matter is this new means of advertising is becoming far superior to the print ads that most of us grew up with. With print ads, it is hoped that it will reach the target audience. A good portion of the time, the message goes unnoticed. Through advertising on the web, a business can be assured that the intended customers will be reached and the message shared with many individuals who will be receptive to what is being offered.

This content has been provided by Ted Dhanik and associates. To get the advertising advantage that you need, see what Ted Dhanik has to offer your business. Visit Ted Dhanik at his website today.

Emerging Marketing Trends

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By Ted Dhanik 

As humans venture further and further into the technology age, businesses struggle to keep up with the constant change of landscape on how to market their products. The internet and use of it is one constant that is not going away anytime soon. And businesses are learning how to capitalize on the web to market their various products. The struggle comes because of the constant change in the web interface. This changes how the consumers shop, thus how the product is viewed and purchased- and the need for a new marketing plan has developed.

Display advertising is a marketing tract that is successful in both its ROI and strategy in business promotion. Using various research and marketing tools, display advertising is geared towards promoting what the users want to see, instead of what the business wants to say. This is different from traditional media sources, such as television or news, where the business talks about its product to a large mass of people. Within display advertising, to generate a high number of users visiting the business’ website, it is necessary to build an ad that appeals directly to the consumer. If it doesn’t, then the consumer will ignore it and go on to the next display advertisement.

The key to making display advertisement successful is the dedication to the details. Investing in research of a business’s target consumers and customers will result in a better placed ad that can generate more revenue.

Display advertising helps create the market, instead of following the trends. It looks like it is here to stay.

Guest post provided by Ted Dhanik, CEO of engage:BDR. Ted Dhanik is a marketing and display advertising guru who offers thoughtful insight in his personal blog. Ted Dhanik can help your business boost their visibility with display advertising.

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