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How to Help Grandma Avoid Scams Online

November 3, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

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help-grandma-avoid-scams-onlineAs online shopping becomes more and more prevalent, the chance for identity theft and other cyber scams only increases. While seasoned online shoppers can spot suspect sellers and and phony “deals”, plenty of sites exist that are designed to fool grandma and other less than tech savvy individuals into giving up sensitive information. To help grandma from getting burned while shopping online, suggest that she follow these precautions:

Use Gift Cards

This is the safest way to purchase from any online shop. Gift cards do not require buyers to divulge any financial information. The only information needed will be a name and home address.

Use A Dedicated Online Only Purchase Option

Paypal is probably the best known of these, but Amazon and Google also offer similar services. The advantage of these payment options is that when the buyer goes to shop online, the store cannot see any credit card information. They also offer reimbursement should something go wrong.

Use Common Sense When Going The Craigslist Route

While Craigslist purchases can be made using cash, they almost always require a face to face meeting between buyer and seller. To ensure a safe transaction, always meet up in a public, well lighted place, and bring along as many friends as possible.

Check The Bottom Of The Web Page

Many online stores will list groups that certify them at the bottom of their home page. Certification from sites like the Better Business Bureau and GeoTrust are a good sign.

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How to Make Your App Stand Out from the Crowd

June 30, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

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Today’s app market is very competitive. For this reason, it is tough to make your app stand out from the crowd. Mobile app developers Los Angeles should not lose hope, though.

There are many ways of promoting your application, right from the point when a user thinks about downloading it.

Encourage Customers to Spread the Word about the App

According to recent research, recommendation from friends or family is the second most popular way users find new mobile apps.

It is therefore advisable to encourage your users to share the goodness with their social network. The result is several new app downloads. You get customers who have a positive view about your application.

app-marketingAndroid app development is not just about developing an app. The tasks that come after are equally important.

Hook Customers with Intelligent On-Boarding

Your app has already been installed on the consumer’s phone. Your work now is to deliver value as well as a fantastic customer experience. To ensure your users see value in your product, set up an automated onboarding program.

Use Personalized Communications to Drive Amazing Customer Experiences

The next step is to keep users engaged with your app. As an app developer, you want your users to keep coming back. To achieve this, make sure to engage with them in a more personalized way.

As an iPhone app development company Los Angeles, it is important to note that getting users to download your app is just the first step. For your app to stand out, you should focus on delivering excellent customer experience to every user.

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iPhone vs Android: Choosing the Right Platform for Your Business App

April 17, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

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ios-vs-androidAs any of the nation’s large mobile app developers in Los Angeles can tell you, one of the keys to creating a successful app is choosing the right platform. Some apps do better on iPhones while others are best on the Android platform. Which is best varies depending on your app’s specific operation and goals.

Cost – In some instances the cost of developing an app is about the same for both platforms. Android, however, offers a much wider variety of devices which could lead to costly redesigns while trying to make one app work across multiple interfaces.

Revenue- iPhone apps typically generate more revenue through in app purchases than their Android counterparts.

Timing – Requiring about 40% more code, Android app development takes twice as long as iPhone app development. Android apps, however, carry a much shorter approval time and may get to market faster.

Market – iPhones are huge in the United States but Android is the better choice if your target markets are in Asia, Africa or South America.

Engagement – While Android apps reach a wider audience, every iPhone app development company Los Angeles knows that their users are far more engaged and loyal than their Android using counterparts.

Updates – iPhone users are much more likely to update their apps regularly and stay connected. Note, however, that Apple has much stricter polices about how often new features and updates can be deployed. iPhone is the winner here if you plan your updates carefully, though.

Overall, the iPhone app is typically the winner for most, but not all, apps. A wise and widely adopted strategy for app developers has been to design their app for Apple’s platform first and then later roll out an Android version. Your business will have to weigh all the pros and cons to find the best strategy for your particular app and company goals.


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