Three Reasons to Choose UbiFi as Your Rural Internet Service Provider

While residents of rural America may be aware of the lack of mainstream Internet providers doing business in their region, they have found alternative rural Internet service providers that provide high-quality, high-performance, and high-speed Internet access. From satellite Internet service providers to mobile Internet providers, rural residents have had their pick of the best rural Internet service providers for a while. In a sea of viable choices, UbiFi is one mobile Internet provider that has risen to meet the needs of rural citizens in three key ways.

No overage fees

If you don’t like paying expensive overage fees for using up data, UbiFi provides unlimited 4G rural data with no caps on your downloads. This can help you save money and browse the Internet without any reservations or restrictions on your activity. The lack of data caps or fees makes UbiFi a good alternative to satellite Internet providers that keep a tight lid on your data.

Support for multiple devices

While other providers that offer Internet for rural areas establish stingy limits on the number of devices you can use to connect to the Internet, UbiFi supports over 200 devices wirelessly and up to 4 devices via ethernet cables. This makes it ideal for large households with multiple people living under one roof.

Low latency

Because mobile Internet providers use cell towers that are closer to rural households than the satellites in orbit that satellite Internet providers use, there is a shorter delay during data transfers. This means mobile providers like UbiFi generally have lower latency levels than satellite providers, which makes them ideal for online gaming and remote work.

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