Understanding Your Colocation Needs

Everybody who uses the internet makes use of a server of some kind to access services and data. Most of the time, that server is owned by someone else in virtual worlds and serves the typical person well. Businesses that require extensive computing often decide to have their own server, especially those that must maintain strict security controls.

Where To Place Your Servers

These servers can be kept in the cloud, at your company’s physical site, or at a company’s facility in a colocation cabinet. Many firms use colocation to boost productivity and security. You can use quality web hosting providers such as Electric Kitten, who provides colocation hosting in Los Angeles. They take care of all your servers which means you do not have to worry about having the extra space in your office.

Cloud VS. Colocation Servers

What is colocation, a common question? A significant component of it and one on which many have grown to rely is rack arrangements. A single rack or colocation company can accommodate multiple servers without interfering with one another thanks to colocation.

These cabinets operate somewhat similarly to dresser drawers, but more safely. The day might come when you discover a pair of socks amid your pajamas if your sock drawer is located above your pajama drawer. A colocation rack prevents this from happening by clearly separating each server, allowing multiple servers to be housed in a limited amount of physical space.

The company who occupies the space with the cabinet is the person or company that owns it. Using a colocation server is similar to residing in an apartment complex where you never interact with your neighbors. Although the structure may be the same, your area is yours.


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