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Why You Should Listen to Podcasts

Summary: Podcasts have grown in popularity over the past few years. There are a number of benefits that make the case for why you should make listening a part of your daily routine.   When you start working you may find yourself having less free time than you did before. Less free time, coupled with the massive amounts of information the development of the internet has given us access to, can... [Read more]

How to Convince Leadership to Create an Effective SOC

Security threats are evolving. They’re advancing in capabilities, which has led to a demand in Security Operations Centers (SOCs) to counter these issues. Now, relying on your basic firewall or antivirus software isn’t going to protect your company from being broken into. There are numerous ways to bypass these softwares and is often compared to as a plastic lock. Cyber security requires layering... [Read more]

How Video Wall Presence in the Oil and Gas Industry is Affecting Applications

Summary: Video walls are becoming more involved within the oil and gas industry.   The oil and gas extraction industry is known for its vast amount of geological data. Because of this, numerous geologists and oil and gas engineers require a solution to pinpoint where exactly they need to start their drilling operations. The amount of geological data, otherwise known as Big Data, is amassed for... [Read more]

The advantages of using a multi-channel order processing platform

Summary: When drop shipping businesses grow, it becomes harder and harder to manage new and existing orders. A multi-channel order processing platform will bring all the information together. Automatically updating your sales channels and vendors regardless of their level of systems automation. As sales and order volumes grow for drop-shipping businesses, it becomes harder to keep up with new orders.... [Read more]

The Benefits of Integrating LCD Video Wall Displays

Summary: Video walls play a larger role in a command center than you might think. LCD video wall displays are now in demand for command centers for their versatility, flexibility, and efficiency. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, it’s important that command centers keep up with the increased speed of real-time information. With LCD displays, not only will the team be able to allocate their... [Read more]

Maximize your revenue with these three supply chain tips

Summary: The primary goal of any business or any investment by a business is to grow. They want more clients, more volume, higher revenue, and larger profits. These organizations can maximize revenue by creating a roadmap for integration, explore new vendors, and prepare for new trends. The primary goal of any business or any investment by a business is to grow. These organizations want more clients,... [Read more]

The Impact of Large-Format Video Displays on Command Center Design

Summary: The large-format video display format has made its way into today’s modern command center design. Today’s command center incorporates a substantial amount of technological pieces like video display walls, control center consoles, and other situational management systems to increase the amount of productivity a team can provide to an organization. Bigger is Better When it comes to video... [Read more]

Uses for portable air conditioners

Summary: There are several uses for a portable air conditioner that makes it a worthwhile investment. Spot cooling a server room, new room additions, your RV, and a vacation are a few examples of such uses. The portable air conditioner is a versatile device. Here are some potential uses for portable air conditioners that make them extremely good long-term investments. Room cooling Often, house and... [Read more]

The advantages of EDI as a trading partner

Summary: EDI implementation benefits buyers and suppliers. Suppliers will see increased operating efficiency, more business opportunities, error-free invoicing, faster payment, and reduced paperwork with EDI. While there are many benefits of EDI for all parties, the primary goal was to streamline and simplify the exchange of business documents from one party to another. Most studies and documents highlight... [Read more]

What you need to know about quick background checks

Often an instant employment background check is the only answer when you are hiring in a hurry. Here are some details hiring personnel need to know when conducting instant background checks. Are there issues with database gaps and latency? – It is important to note that there is no centralized data base that stores information relating to crime, employment, and motor vehicle record history. Most... [Read more]

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