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The Impact of Large-Format Video Displays on Command Center Design

Summary: The large-format video display format has made its way into today’s modern command center design. Today’s command center incorporates a substantial amount of technological pieces like video display walls, control center consoles, and other situational management systems to increase the amount of productivity a team can provide to an organization. Bigger is Better When it comes to video... [Read more]

Uses for portable air conditioners

Summary: There are several uses for a portable air conditioner that makes it a worthwhile investment. Spot cooling a server room, new room additions, your RV, and a vacation are a few examples of such uses. The portable air conditioner is a versatile device. Here are some potential uses for portable air conditioners that make them extremely good long-term investments. Room cooling Often, house and... [Read more]

The advantages of EDI as a trading partner

Summary: EDI implementation benefits buyers and suppliers. Suppliers will see increased operating efficiency, more business opportunities, error-free invoicing, faster payment, and reduced paperwork with EDI. While there are many benefits of EDI for all parties, the primary goal was to streamline and simplify the exchange of business documents from one party to another. Most studies and documents highlight... [Read more]

What you need to know about quick background checks

Often an instant employment background check is the only answer when you are hiring in a hurry. Here are some details hiring personnel need to know when conducting instant background checks. Are there issues with database gaps and latency? – It is important to note that there is no centralized data base that stores information relating to crime, employment, and motor vehicle record history. Most... [Read more]

How to Keep Your Small Business Secure From Cyber Criminals

Summary: Cyber attacks are one of the most dangerous threats for any small business. Keep your SMB safe with these tips. While small- to mid-sized businesses might not have the luxury of hiring the most expensive form of information technology security, they still face the same threat that many large-scaled businesses do. To make matters worse, small businesses are often targeted by cyber criminals... [Read more]

Essential elements of an e-commerce product page

Summary: The product page is the most important page on an e-commerce site. Proper product titles, an enticing call to action, impactful images and search friendly descriptions are a few of the essential elements on the page. The product page plays a critical role in convincing a visitor to consider buying a product (or service). A product page is successful when it convinces the visitor to add the... [Read more]

The many benefits of a local data center

Summary: When choosing a data center, there are several advantages to going with a local party, especially for physical access to the server and monitoring the security of your systems. Using a third-party data center has a lot of benefits for organizations. Data centers provide increased up-time, greater resources and faster provisioning of new resources including options for disaster recovery. Also,... [Read more]

Recognizing Various Models of Ground Power Units

Written by: Start Pac Summary: GPUs, or ground power units, can come in a variety of shapes and voltage readouts. This article will discuss these units in-depth. An airplane starting unit, otherwise known as a ground power unit, is an important piece of equipment that is used by maintenance teams and even aircraft owners. They supply a consistent stream of power to an aircraft to power the onboard... [Read more]

How to Approach the Interview Process as a Business Owner

Summary: Hiring the people can make your company more productive, lucrative, and efficient. Adding members to a team at a company requires both skill and luck. Sure, you’re going to interview dozens, if not hundreds, of individuals looking to work at your company, but choosing the right one takes time. You’ll need to take a look at every aspect that the interviewee showcases and determine whether... [Read more]

The benefits of a hosted shopping cart service

Written by Secure Net Shop There are plenty of options when it comes to setting up shopping cart services for a website. There is the self-hosted option, where the shopping cart is installed on the same server as the website. Then there is the hosted option, where the cart is set up and maintained on a third party service provider’s website. These are the two most popular options. In this article,... [Read more]

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