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The advantages of using EDI with your warehouse management system

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actdata2Written by Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA

Companies implement EDI for one of two reasons. Either they want to go ahead with their own implementation in order to improve operational inefficiencies or it is in order to meet EDI compliance for one of their trading partners. Those companies that have implemented systems will see a lot of advantages to extending the internet EDI implementation to their warehouse management system. Here are the advantages of doing so:

Enhanced visibility

The primary advantage is to reduce inventory costs by understanding what is available in your supply chain. This way you only order and store what you need. There are also systems which allow you to order on demand when your levels reach specific levels or to order inventory as soon as new orders arrive.

Reduced labor costs

Companies that use advanced shipping notices can save labor costs by up to 40 percent of labor costs associated with inbound processing. This is because all parts of shipping notice and confirmation documentation will be done automatically. The barcode will only need to be scanned on arrival.

Minimized freight costs.

Linking the system to the transportation management system will also help reduce freight costs across the board when shipments and orders from multiple suppliers can be consolidated.

Improved customer service

Critical business information from all parts of the chain will be available for review and will result in improved customer care. This enhanced visibility will also improve customer satisfaction.


Act Data is an EDI provider for retail and supplier environments.


How to Make Your App Stand Out from the Crowd

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Article written by Menlo Software, news, articles and tips on software and more

Today’s app market is very competitive. For this reason, it is tough to make your app stand out from the crowd. Mobile app developers Los Angeles should not lose hope, though.

There are many ways of promoting your application, right from the point when a user thinks about downloading it.

Encourage Customers to Spread the Word about the App

According to recent research, recommendation from friends or family is the second most popular way users find new mobile apps.

It is therefore advisable to encourage your users to share the goodness with their social network. The result is several new app downloads. You get customers who have a positive view about your application.

app-marketingAndroid app development is not just about developing an app. The tasks that come after are equally important.

Hook Customers with Intelligent On-Boarding

Your app has already been installed on the consumer’s phone. Your work now is to deliver value as well as a fantastic customer experience. To ensure your users see value in your product, set up an automated onboarding program.

Use Personalized Communications to Drive Amazing Customer Experiences

The next step is to keep users engaged with your app. As an app developer, you want your users to keep coming back. To achieve this, make sure to engage with them in a more personalized way.

As an iPhone app development company Los Angeles, it is important to note that getting users to download your app is just the first step. For your app to stand out, you should focus on delivering excellent customer experience to every user.

If you need mobile app developers in Los Angeles, trust Halcyon Innovation. Never outsourced, Halcyon works directly with your team to produce the best app for your business.

iPhone vs Android: Choosing the Right Platform for Your Business App

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Article written by computech blog, we bring you the latest on technology and internet

ios-vs-androidAs any of the nation’s large mobile app developers in Los Angeles can tell you, one of the keys to creating a successful app is choosing the right platform. Some apps do better on iPhones while others are best on the Android platform. Which is best varies depending on your app’s specific operation and goals.

Cost – In some instances the cost of developing an app is about the same for both platforms. Android, however, offers a much wider variety of devices which could lead to costly redesigns while trying to make one app work across multiple interfaces.

Revenue- iPhone apps typically generate more revenue through in app purchases than their Android counterparts.

Timing – Requiring about 40% more code, Android app development takes twice as long as iPhone app development. Android apps, however, carry a much shorter approval time and may get to market faster.

Market – iPhones are huge in the United States but Android is the better choice if your target markets are in Asia, Africa or South America.

Engagement – While Android apps reach a wider audience, every iPhone app development company Los Angeles knows that their users are far more engaged and loyal than their Android using counterparts.

Updates – iPhone users are much more likely to update their apps regularly and stay connected. Note, however, that Apple has much stricter polices about how often new features and updates can be deployed. iPhone is the winner here if you plan your updates carefully, though.

Overall, the iPhone app is typically the winner for most, but not all, apps. A wise and widely adopted strategy for app developers has been to design their app for Apple’s platform first and then later roll out an Android version. Your business will have to weigh all the pros and cons to find the best strategy for your particular app and company goals.


Halcyon Innovation does Android app development, and general mobile application development from a studio based in Los Angeles.

Software To Improve Efficiency In the Workplace

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Written by Allied Time

Making use of technology at work boosts the productivity of businesses and enables employees to focus on activities that add value to their work. Some productivity software are targeted towards businesses and provide organizations with the optimal tools in order to effectively perform their daily job. When some processes are automated and communication is eased up, productivity is enhanced.

Connect Teams Virtually

Instead of having teams assembled physically they can be connected virtually by using web portals or team sites. These portals enable employees to rapidly share projects and feedbacks from different branches and physical locations. Problem-solving and team collaboration is thus eased up. People are able to collaborate with each other and partake their expert knowledge right from the comfort of their desks and without even having to use the phone. They just have to start their remote desktop sharing software.

Creating an open and communicative environment

Software used around the workplace aim mainly to eliminate barriers to effective communication. Emails are effective communication solutions but they tend to be more private. Collaborative tools are more suited for knowledge sharing as they enable people to share information across departments, branches and functions.

Motivate Employees

Biometric time clocks systems can implemented to track the attendance and number of working hours of employees in order to construct effective reward management systems. Some time clock system offer the possibility of online consultation whereby employees would be able to monitor their own attendance.

Allied Time is a company that existed since 1967. They sell fingerprint time clocks systems and their products have evolved to online systems.

Technical Training for Your Sweepstakes Parlor

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If you’re planning to launch a sweepstakes parlor, congratulations! You’re about to start a profitable company. But before you can open a sweepstakes company, you will need to learn the technical aspect of running this type of company, such as how to install and use the equipment. Learning how to properly install and use sweepstakes machines and web games can mean the difference between success and failure. But where can you find the technical training you need for your sweepstakes parlor? The answer is by hiring the right consulting firm.

If you want to operate a successful sweepstakes machines parlor, consider hiring a consulting firm that can offer onsite installation services and hands-on training. When it comes to learning how to use internet café sweepstakes software and other equipment, the right consulting firm should be able to teach you the ropes so that you don’t have to hire a technician in the future. Along with hands-on training, you should also hire a company that can help you install the machines. Free installation services means that your equipment will be properly installed from the start, which will avoid major problems down the line.

While onsite installation and hands-on training is vital to the success of your business, the right consulting company can also help you with other aspects of launching your business. If you’re new to the sweepstakes gaming market, it will help to get expert advice on every aspect of starting this company. A company like SweepsCoach can help you with selecting the right location, sticking within your budget, and choosing the best games in the industry. Learning how to install and use the equipment will ensure that you run a successful company and avoid spending more money down the road.

Protect Your Terminal Server Sessions

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By RDPSoft Company

Any company that has a large staff and a centralize database should take advantage of terminal servers. They’ll allow more of your staff access to that important information at once. Furthermore, you can also add remote applications so your staff can access that database from just about anywhere. If your company currently isn’t using terminal servers, they’re missing out on a lot of potential.

But even if your company is already putting them to use, there’s still a lot more you could be doing to get the most out of each and every terminal server session. Remote desktop allocations are certainly one example. However, a log terminal server application is too. With this addition, you’ll have the equivalent of a sign-in book for your terminal server. That way, whenever anyone logs in to get some work done, you’ll have an accurate record of who’s there.

Another great way to get more from your terminal server is by adding in a monitoring system. This way you’ll have an accurate record of not only who has signed in, but exactly what they have done since they’ve been there.

When it comes to terminal servers, the more security and accountability you can add, the better. It will mean you get more from the product and your clientele will appreciate the measures you’re taking to guard their information.

RDPSoft Company specializes in terminal server monitor services to help your company get better results from their soft- and hardware. Among their offerings are remote desktop log software and a whole lot more.

Optimizing Your Terminal Sever with the Right Software

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Any large company needs to have a terminal server if they want to take advantage of the entirety of their staff. It lets countless people all get their work done at once and in a way that keeps everyone on the same page. Depending on the nature of your work, your own clients can be easily kept in the loop as well by giving them access.

While there are many advantages to a terminal server, it can also be a real headache for management. Having that many people all working within your system at the same time can be a scary prospect and provide a number of challenges you’d rather do without.

But terminal servers are worth the risk. And, fortunately, you can mitigate them in a way that actually lets you optimize their use.

One such option is a terminal server log. It works like a guest book for your server and every company should have one. Imagine if you always had a log of who was working in your system and when they were doing it. The log will even report back changes they made so you know what kind of work they were doing.

You can even log remote desktop work so people operating within your system from outside your office (WAH staff, clients, etc.) will also be monitored for accountability.


Article submitted by RDPSoft Company. The company specializes in all kinds of software solutions including those that allow your staff to have remote desktop sessions.

Sweepstakes Parlors 101

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If you’re new to sweepstakes games, you might be wondering: what is a sweepstakes parlor? This blog post helps to define this relatively new type of business and explains why so many people are jumping on board.

Sweepstakes Parlor Defined

A sweepstakes parlor is a type of internet café business that offers consumers the opportunity to play internet sweepstakes games via computers. Similar to an internet café, the shop is home to rows of computers, anywhere from two to 100 of computers. A typical internet sweepstakes café might also feature a lounge area, a snack bar, and other games such as video games.

Not Just another Internet Cafe

Although a sweepstakes parlor is similar to an internet café, there is a difference between the two. What sets it apart from a typical internet café is the totem, or internet kiosk. You won’t find a totem at an internet café. A totem is a stand-alone machine that features a bill acceptor. Customers insert money into the kiosk to buy time on the internet. They then use the time to play the sweepstakes games. In addition to playing sweepstakes games, customers can use the internet time to surf the web, check their emails, and play other internet games.

Where to Find a Sweepstakes Parlor

Internet sweepstakes café are popping up all over the country. It’s possible that you already have a few stores near your home or office. A quick search online will reveal sweepstakes parlors at strip malls throughout the U.S.

Why Monitoring Remote Desktops is a Good Idea

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Almost all of us have found ourselves in a situation where we’ve left an important file on a computer that we aren’t physically present at. Of course, if it’s a personal file, it isn’t all that serious but just in case this this is a work-related file, it can prevent or hold back productivity that can even make a real difference with the clients you work with.

Of course, you can’t use Dropbox for these files since they are of a sensitive nature. So, with that said, one can try monitoring remote desktop software that allows you to access files on your system at work if you are at another location.

Better still, the features of these applications don’t just stop there. You can not only look for files of your own but also keep track of your subordinates’ productivity using specific features that are offered by only a handful of remote desktop software developers.

Whether it is time tracking, checking which applications they’re using more, what they did when logged into a session or even when they logged out, you can access all this information at a few clicks of a mouse as remote desktop reporting has become a reality.

All in all, using this kind of software should, most evidently, help you to keep tabs on your work but also those whom you employ too in more ways than one.

Article submitted by RDPSoft Company, which is based in Las Vegas, offers products that help businesses track productivity as a whole by means of remote monitoring and reporting software. One of their most prominent offerings includes a terminal server monitor that not only keeps track of data but also captures it for legal or compliance purposes.

Remote Desktop Reporting Software Can Help Monitor Employees

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Monitoring employees is always a big part of any management task.  With the assistance of remote desktop monitoring you can keep tabs on employee progress at will.  Remote desktop manager software has become easier than ever to implement.

Work life balance is something that businesses and their employees constantly struggle with.  This is due to the fact that no matter how much businesses preach having a work life balance that employees can benefit from, the benefits are often not seen by those same employees.  Employees in many instances feel entirely tied to their jobs, to the point where they virtually live at work.  With the emergence of remote desktop technology the possibilities are coming into play to allow employees to actually do a lot of work and be just as productive at home as they are in the office.  This is opening up a lot of possibilities for employees, as they can be home on their couch putting in an extra few hours of work at night rather than having to stay in the office and in their cubicle late at night when the sun goes down.  Work life balance can be greatly enhanced with the ability to work remotely, from home in many circumstances.  By utilizing this technology, employees can have the freedom to work safely from home during natural events as well including snow storms and hurricanes, providing benefits to them and reduced liability on the business side.

Article submitted by RDPSoft Company.  This software company has developed tremendous terminal server manager software to track employee productivity.

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