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Essential elements of an e-commerce product page

Summary: The product page is the most important page on an e-commerce site. Proper product titles, an enticing call to action, impactful images and search friendly descriptions are a few of the essential elements on the page.

The product page plays a critical role in convincing a visitor to consider buying a product (or service). A product page is successful when it convinces the visitor to add the product to the cart. There are so many things that can go wrong that it is important to give special attention to the elements on the product page. Here is a short list of elements that should be part of every e-commerce product page:

Product names – Make the product names as descriptive as possible. Also, try and add as much detail to the name without making it seem like spam. For example, “Handcraft 22-carat Gold Ring” is far more likely to attract a click and attention than “Gold Ring.”

CTA – The call to action is what drives the visitor to make a decision. Everything from color, size, and font affects how a user would respond. Look at how some successful players like Amazon style their call to action and experiment with how it works for you.

Image – The element with the biggest impact on the purchasing decision is the product image. The right product image is in itself enough of a catalyst for a visitor to make an immediate purchase. Also, try and have as many additional pictures of the product, from different angles, on the site.

Description – The product description should be long enough to describe the product accurately and short enough that people will read it. Also, you should optimize the description for search.

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