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The advantages of using a multi-channel order processing platform

Summary: When drop shipping businesses grow, it becomes harder and harder to manage new and existing orders. A multi-channel order processing platform will bring all the information together. Automatically updating your sales channels and vendors regardless of their level of systems automation.

As sales and order volumes grow for drop-shipping businesses, it becomes harder to keep up with new orders. Fortunately, some systems can manage orders from multiple channels, your website and even brick and mortar stores. Here are some of the advantages of switching to a multi-channel order processing platform:


The system will standardize all your orders from all of your sales channel in one place. The process is seamless and automatic, and most have built-in support for a large number of sales channels. The amount of manual work drops significantly.


There is no vendor exclusion based on the level of technology. Even if the vendor does not have an online system, the system will email the order and use proprietary technology to allow the vendor to provide tracking details.


When your vendors change inventory or tracking data, that information updates seamlessly on all your storefronts. The system works regardless of the volume of vendors. You could even handle everything yourself.


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