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Essential elements of an e-commerce product page

Summary: The product page is the most important page on an e-commerce site. Proper product titles, an enticing call to action, impactful images and search friendly descriptions are a few of the essential elements on the page. The product page plays a critical role in convincing a visitor to consider buying a product (or service). A product page is successful when it convinces the visitor to add the... [Read more]

The many benefits of a local data center

Summary: When choosing a data center, there are several advantages to going with a local party, especially for physical access to the server and monitoring the security of your systems. Using a third-party data center has a lot of benefits for organizations. Data centers provide increased up-time, greater resources and faster provisioning of new resources including options for disaster recovery. Also,... [Read more]

Recognizing Various Models of Ground Power Units

Written by: Start Pac Summary: GPUs, or ground power units, can come in a variety of shapes and voltage readouts. This article will discuss these units in-depth. An airplane starting unit, otherwise known as a ground power unit, is an important piece of equipment that is used by maintenance teams and even aircraft owners. They supply a consistent stream of power to an aircraft to power the onboard... [Read more]

How to Approach the Interview Process as a Business Owner

Summary: Hiring the people can make your company more productive, lucrative, and efficient. Adding members to a team at a company requires both skill and luck. Sure, you’re going to interview dozens, if not hundreds, of individuals looking to work at your company, but choosing the right one takes time. You’ll need to take a look at every aspect that the interviewee showcases and determine whether... [Read more]

The benefits of a hosted shopping cart service

Written by Secure Net Shop There are plenty of options when it comes to setting up shopping cart services for a website. There is the self-hosted option, where the shopping cart is installed on the same server as the website. Then there is the hosted option, where the cart is set up and maintained on a third party service provider’s website. These are the two most popular options. In this article,... [Read more]

Basic requirements for server room

Written by Rack Alley Setting up a server requires proper planning and design. The most important factor to consider is redundancy. The server room infrastructure design should include redundancy at every level in order to avoid a single point of failure. When setting up a server room, here are the most basic requirements: Racks – Server room equipment requires racks for mounting. There are several... [Read more]

Google Translate tips and review

The most common barrier in communication is language. How can you make the best of your trip to a place with people with whom you don’t share a language? Translation software is prevalent and is one of the most common. If you are looking for something accessible and inexpensive, you’ve got it in Google Translate. It is free and is tied to, so highly accessible. Google... [Read more]

How Tech is Accelerating the Background Check

Employment screening is a routine part of the hiring process, but it also demanded a lot of time for employers. Background checks can be costly, and one used to have to wait for the results for days or even weeks. Today, technology has accelerated this process exponentially and here are just a few of the methods currently in use. Social Media Most pre employment checks involve a glance at the candidate’s... [Read more]

Medical Device Coatings Are Advancing At a Rapid Pace

Improved patient outcomes are being tied to advanced medical device coatings. When it comes to medical device coatings, today’s technological advancements have allowed for improvements in therapeutic treatment. The coating materials formulas that are available for use makes it possible to deliver a wide array of therapeutic drugs and agents to elicit a range of tissue and bodily responses. It has... [Read more]

How to Help Grandma Avoid Scams Online

Article written by Technology Innovations, news and articles about technology innovators As online shopping becomes more and more prevalent, the chance for identity theft and other cyber scams only increases. While seasoned online shoppers can spot suspect sellers and and phony “deals”, plenty of sites exist that are designed to fool grandma and other less than tech savvy individuals into... [Read more]

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