The advantages of hosting your own application

Article by Electric Kitten

You want to host a web site or application? There are so many options. There are online cloud services, virtual private servers, hosting accounts, WordPress hosts etc. With some you will get the performance you need, but most lack one thing, and that is the level of control you want with your own applications.

Why not use one of the large cloud providers? The answer again returns to the level of control you have with your own hardware in a data center. Take Google as an example. With its own GCP cloud service, you would think that all Google services would be on their own in-house provider. Not so, since it was only recently that even a small part of YouTube moved to GCP. All their other properties, from Gmail to the Play Store still use dedicated hardware.

The most efficient and effective stack is the one you own from top to bottom. Rent a dedicated server, install the OS you want, manage it how you want, and then install exactly what you want. That level of customization and control is not possible with third parties. There will be additional costs like staffing, skill acquisition etc., but you will have the flexibility and control you need to grow your business.

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