How a Virtual Receptionist can Boost Your Support Capabilities

Article By Herb Kimble.

An important aspect to having a successful business is to have your customers have access to help or assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Employing a virtual receptionist allows for this to be easily attained. Incorporating this position into your business is a great way to receive positive customer service reviews and retain happy clients. Professional answering services have proven to increase satisfaction in both customer and workers reviews. These trained professionals are able to provide immediate, accurate responses to whatever your customers’ needs or questions are. Custom features of such a service include: immediate pick up times, polite and professional receptionists, customizable call screening, and voicemail services. Additionally, these services may allow your business to have its own 800 number and online account access which is beneficial in advertising your company and creating easy access. You may also opt to have online messaging or email as an additional contact for your business. If your company is medical or health related, emergency response specialists are available for answering your customers’ calls. Medical answering services employ trained associates for answering these imperative, urgent calls.

Employing an answering service is a great way to take your business to the next level. It allows customers access to your business or agency around the clock. Though these services will boost your business revenue greatly, they are, surprisingly, cost effective. The costs of having a virtual receptionist available around the clock are significantly less than having one of your employees working the phones day and night.

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