Protect Your Terminal Server Sessions

By RDPSoft Company

Any company that has a large staff and a centralize database should take advantage of terminal servers. They’ll allow more of your staff access to that important information at once. Furthermore, you can also add remote applications so your staff can access that database from just about anywhere. If your company currently isn’t using terminal servers, they’re missing out on a lot of potential.

But even if your company is already putting them to use, there’s still a lot more you could be doing to get the most out of each and every terminal server session. Remote desktop allocations are certainly one example. However, a log terminal server application is too. With this addition, you’ll have the equivalent of a sign-in book for your terminal server. That way, whenever anyone logs in to get some work done, you’ll have an accurate record of who’s there.

Another great way to get more from your terminal server is by adding in a monitoring system. This way you’ll have an accurate record of not only who has signed in, but exactly what they have done since they’ve been there.

When it comes to terminal servers, the more security and accountability you can add, the better. It will mean you get more from the product and your clientele will appreciate the measures you’re taking to guard their information.

RDPSoft Company specializes in terminal server monitor services to help your company get better results from their soft- and hardware. Among their offerings are remote desktop log software and a whole lot more.

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