Optimizing Your Terminal Sever with the Right Software

Any large company needs to have a terminal server if they want to take advantage of the entirety of their staff. It lets countless people all get their work done at once and in a way that keeps everyone on the same page. Depending on the nature of your work, your own clients can be easily kept in the loop as well by giving them access.

While there are many advantages to a terminal server, it can also be a real headache for management. Having that many people all working within your system at the same time can be a scary prospect and provide a number of challenges you’d rather do without.

But terminal servers are worth the risk. And, fortunately, you can mitigate them in a way that actually lets you optimize their use.

One such option is a terminal server log. It works like a guest book for your server and every company should have one. Imagine if you always had a log of who was working in your system and when they were doing it. The log will even report back changes they made so you know what kind of work they were doing.

You can even log remote desktop work so people operating within your system from outside your office (WAH staff, clients, etc.) will also be monitored for accountability.


Article submitted by RDPSoft Company. The company specializes in all kinds of software solutions including those that allow your staff to have remote desktop sessions.

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