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Tips to Conserve Budget in Display Advertising

This article was written by Ted Dhanik

It may be easy to secure the go ahead to start a display advertising campaign, but budgeting for one can be a difficult process. Your best bet is to start with a safe budget that allows you to spend on a campaign without losing money on a renegade ad group. Here are some tips to help your cut your budget and maximize the effectiveness of your campaign.

Learn about the Customer

Learning more about the customer will greatly reduce ad spend for your campaigns. It helps identify irrelevant sales pitches, and focus your messaging until you’ve distilled all but the most essential copy. You can also use customer data to help your targeting. If you know which region of the country is likely to buy, or which age group is most interested in your product or service, you can find an ad network that will feed you traffic from those sources.

Segment Campaigns

Run several kinds of banner advertising campaigns, but segment them so you can identify what works and what does not. If you’re only running one campaign, you’re missing out on the opportunity to see what else could work. You might not even have the strongest performing creative. When you segment ads, you can test multiple ads with different targeting.

Test Frequently

Testing the basis of any successful campaign, but you need to know how to properly A/B test before you set out to create a winning campaign. Take your original ad, focus on the weakest aspect of it, then choose one item from that ad to change. Run the changed version against the original version, making sure that each ad gets substantial traffic, and then record your results.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is a marketing professional with over fifteen years of experience. As the president and co-founder of engage:BDR, Ted Dhanik knows the principles of media buying and banner advertising. Find more tips to launch your campaigns when you visit Ted Dhanik online.

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