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Create Your Own Building with Shipping Containers

Article written by Port Containers

Are you in the IT business? Or maybe you’re starting an IT firm soon? If you’re a start up, it’s going to be hard getting your name out there and try competing with larger companies and firms who are already known in the industry. It’s going to take a lot of skill for your company to start turning heads. Otherwise, you’re going to have to think out of the box to get people to notice you and your firm.

Let’s take a page from Google’s book. One of the reason’s why people dream and wish they could work there. Besides being one of the leader’s in the industry, Google is known because of their cool offices with built in play grounds, sleeping pods, and other cool features and architecture. So what does this have to do with your firm? Basically al you have to do is create your own cool office!

Sound hard? It’s not really. Using ConEx containers and intermodal containers to make your office. There are many architects who already have ideas based on these shipping containers. Just think of it as Lego blocks that you can cut and connect in many different ways. You can create you’re own cool and funky shipping container buildings that we all see on the internet. There are plenty of companies that rent and sell these intermodal containers so souring your materials is easy. And since these containers were built to last the harsh sea weather, you know it’ll last in powerful storms and tornados.


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