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The benefits of a hosted shopping cart service

Written by Secure Net Shop

There are plenty of options when it comes to setting up shopping cart services for a website. There is the self-hosted option, where the shopping cart is installed on the same server as the website. Then there is the hosted option, where the cart is set up and maintained on a third party service provider’s website. These are the two most popular options. In this article, we will look at the benefits of using a hosted shopping cart:


The biggest advantage is cost. A hosted shopping cart is set up and maintained by the provider. There is no installation, security, and database backend cost. Each step installing a self-hosted shopping cart comes with costs in addition to monthly charges. There are estimates of as much as $1000 saved per year by using a hosted solution.


Getting up and running on hosted online shopping cart software takes minutes. Sign up and the system is ready to use. It does not require technical knowledge and is easily customizable. In addition, the platform of the website is not important, a cart can be added to any website on any platform.


One of the biggest concerns for any online e-commerce operation is security. Any breach or loss of customer information would be extremely damaging. Hosted carts use secure encryption for the information between the customer’s browser and the server. In addition, safeguards are in place for protecting customer data on the server.


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