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How Age and Gender Impact Mobile Advertising

December 11, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Mobile marketing requires marketers to guess not only at a user’s intent, but where he or she may be located and what he or she may be doing as well. Mobile users are motivated buyers who are utilizing their phones to comparison shop and find new locations to shop and entertain themselves. Of course, interest and location are not the only factors in mobile marketing, and it’s important to know what qualities your audience may possess that would help you reach them more effectively.

The Age Effect

The more you know about your target market’s age group, the better your chances of marketing to them successfully on a mobile device. People under 30 generally tend to utilize their cell phones to comparison shop while they are on the go. That also means lots of location-based searches, allowing you to target on a hyper-local level. People over the 30 year old age group tend to have made their decisions before leaving the home, but you can still suggestion sell them on something cheaper or closer. You have to know how your age group will respond to your ads, and it may benefit you to run test groups for each segment.

The Gender Factor

Men and women are both using their smartphones to shop, but how they shop generally varies greatly by gender and individual. We are not to a point where we can pinpoint users, yet, but we can take some general knowledge on how each gender shops to try and increase conversions. As you evaluate your products, ask yourself if men or women are the most likely consumers for your product. You can even test your assumptions with social media, performing some quick searches about your product to see who is involved in the discussion.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is the CEO of engage:BDR, an ad company based out of Los Angles, California. Ted Dhanik has helped grow brands using display advertising Ted Dhanik is available to help you grow your leads at engage:BDR.

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