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Technical Training for Your Sweepstakes Parlor

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If you’re planning to launch a sweepstakes parlor, congratulations! You’re about to start a profitable company. But before you can open a sweepstakes company, you will need to learn the technical aspect of running this type of company, such as how to install and use the equipment. Learning how to properly install and use sweepstakes machines and web games can mean the difference between success and failure. But where can you find the technical training you need for your sweepstakes parlor? The answer is by hiring the right consulting firm.

If you want to operate a successful sweepstakes machines parlor, consider hiring a consulting firm that can offer onsite installation services and hands-on training. When it comes to learning how to use internet café sweepstakes software and other equipment, the right consulting firm should be able to teach you the ropes so that you don’t have to hire a technician in the future. Along with hands-on training, you should also hire a company that can help you install the machines. Free installation services means that your equipment will be properly installed from the start, which will avoid major problems down the line.

While onsite installation and hands-on training is vital to the success of your business, the right consulting company can also help you with other aspects of launching your business. If you’re new to the sweepstakes gaming market, it will help to get expert advice on every aspect of starting this company. A company like SweepsCoach can help you with selecting the right location, sticking within your budget, and choosing the best games in the industry. Learning how to install and use the equipment will ensure that you run a successful company and avoid spending more money down the road.

How Radar Guns Measure Speed

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Radar is a directed radio frequency transmission that is projected to an object and bounced back, allowing users to send and receive information. The information may include an object’s location, size, shape, composition, and velocity. First developed during WWII as a means of locating enemy ships and aircraft, radar is now used by a number of devices for an array of reasons, including police radar guns meant to deter speeding.

Radar Guns Explained

Radar uses a phenomenon known as the Doppler Shift to measure the speed of objects. Similar to sound waves, radio waves have their own specific frequency, or the number of oscillations made for each unit of time. When a car and a speed gun are both standing still, the echo and original signal will have the same wave frequency, creating a perfect mirror of the original signal.

However, when a car is moving, different parts of a radio signal are reflected at various points in space, which causes fluctuations in the wave pattern. When a car is traveling away from a radar gun, the signal’s second segment must travel farther to reach the car than its first segment. This stretches out a wave and produces a lower frequency. Conversely, when cars approach radar guns, the second segment of each signal travels shorter than the first prior to being reflected. This is how fixed points like radar speed limit signs help to measure speed and distance travelled.

Radar guns are able to calculate the speed of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles as they approach or drive away from the device. However, if police radar guns are used when a police car is moving, the movement of the cruiser must be factored into the equation. For example, if a police cruiser is traveling at 40 miles per hour and the gun says the target is moving away at a speed of 15 miles per hour, then the target is driving 55 miles per hour.

Common Radar Errors

There are many errors that can negatively affect the accuracy of a radar reading. The most common problem, cosine error, occurs when the radar beam hits the path of a target vehicle at an angle. The more pronounced the angle, the greater the error will be. This results in a reading that is slower than a car is actually traveling. However, some speed guns compensate for this error simply by allowing users to input an angle. Errors also come from frequency drift caused by fluctuating voltage, temperature changes, and so on.

Radar guns must be recertified and calibrated periodically, and if a driver contends a speeding ticket, the certifications of the radar operator and the radar device may be called into question in court. Radar guns sold by manufacturers like Radar Gun Sales have many safeguards in place to ensure the proper use of radar, and that the information they provide is both accurate and correctly interpreted.


Radar Gun Sales offers a variety of radar guns, including police radar guns and speed guns. To order a radar gun online, visit Radar Gun Sales.

How to Metallize Plastic

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Written by: Denton Vacuum

Plastic does not innately conduct electricity. It’s also not usually reflective and glossy, unless you metalize it. The process leaves plastic pieces coated in a metallic shell, allowing usage in the same components that metal pieces would be used. Another advantage to metalizing plastic is that you can make a metallic component for cheaper than it would cost to make manufacture the metal piece. The final piece also has some protection against abrasion, and its lighter weight than a metal component would be. Here is how the vacuum metallization process works.


To begin, the piece is washed and coated with a base layer. This base layer helps the metallic coating get applied evenly over the surface of the piece. Then a metal, typically aluminum, is evaporated inside of a vacuum chamber. The vapors that are created during this process float around inside the sputtering systems, eventually settling on the plastic piece in a thin metallic layer.


To prevent the piece from oxidizing during the process, the entire metallization takes place within a sputter deposition system. The system creates the vacuum, preventing air from coming into contact with the metallic particles.

Final Preparations

If you want to increase the abrasion resistance on the piece you’re working with, a top coat can be applied after deposition is complete. These types of parts are found in automotive components and certain types of foils.

Thin Film Solar Uses Are Heating Up

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According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, thin film photovoltaic (PV) cells produced roughly 3,700 megawatts of power worldwide in 2010. But recent research by Wintergreen Research shows that this might just be scratching the surface of what thin film evaporation can mean for the solar energy industry. Wintergreen Research estimates that thin film PV cells will be a $44 billion market by 2017, a 15-fold increase from 2010 levels.

So why is this market expected to grow so much within the next decade? The growth can be partially attributed to the potential for new markets. According to Wintergreen Research, the auto industry is continuing to make inroads toward the acceptance of solar-powered vehicles, which will drive the need for more advanced solar technologies. Solar power will also be a growth factor in building construction.

Thin film optical coating systems have several advantages for the solar industry. Traditional solar panels have relied on silicon cells. These cells are very thick and rigid. By contrast, thin film solar panels are much thinner — they can be as little as one perfect of the total thickness of a silicon solar layer. This makes thin film solar layers much more flexible and gives end users greater application options.

Along with thickness and flexibility, thin film solar offers another advantage over silicon layers: production time. It is much faster to produce a high volume of thin film solar panels than it is to produce ones made from silicon. For high volume jobs that might need solar panels on a short timeframe, thin film panels offer a major benefit.

This blog post was contributed by Denton Vacuum, LLC. Denton Vacuum, LLC is one of the largest manufacturers and retailers of commercial thin-film devices such as PECVD machines.

Sweepstakes Parlors 101

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If you’re new to sweepstakes games, you might be wondering: what is a sweepstakes parlor? This blog post helps to define this relatively new type of business and explains why so many people are jumping on board.

Sweepstakes Parlor Defined

A sweepstakes parlor is a type of internet café business that offers consumers the opportunity to play internet sweepstakes games via computers. Similar to an internet café, the shop is home to rows of computers, anywhere from two to 100 of computers. A typical internet sweepstakes café might also feature a lounge area, a snack bar, and other games such as video games.

Not Just another Internet Cafe

Although a sweepstakes parlor is similar to an internet café, there is a difference between the two. What sets it apart from a typical internet café is the totem, or internet kiosk. You won’t find a totem at an internet café. A totem is a stand-alone machine that features a bill acceptor. Customers insert money into the kiosk to buy time on the internet. They then use the time to play the sweepstakes games. In addition to playing sweepstakes games, customers can use the internet time to surf the web, check their emails, and play other internet games.

Where to Find a Sweepstakes Parlor

Internet sweepstakes café are popping up all over the country. It’s possible that you already have a few stores near your home or office. A quick search online will reveal sweepstakes parlors at strip malls throughout the U.S.

A Touch of Exclusivity

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Standing out has always been something that most people aspire for. People always find more and more ways to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. Exclusivity is such a desired status and therefore, it is always nice to find better ways. Cars start out as stock cars rolling off the dealerships, after a few months, people start swapping options for better accessories. After some time, modified or personalized cars have become saturated with the available accessories in the market. As such, those who seek exclusivity have gone to something new, boats. Boats not only flaunt exclusivity, they also are very easy to personalize.

The basic structure of boats is more or less similar, however, matching your boat to engine selections to all other accessories that you can use to personalize your vessel. There is a wide array of available performance and aesthetic boat parts and accessories that can make your boat stand out from the rest even in the most congested docks. Sierra marine parts offer a wide range of performance as well as aesthetic parts. More importantly, Sierra marine parts offer a certain level of exclusivity as they tend to be on the upper price range in the market, ensuring your boat’s uniqueness as it wades through the sea.

In the end, there are a lot of possibilities to setting up your boat for exclusivity and uniqueness. You simply have to decide on your specific goals and theme to incorporate to your sea vessel to suit your specific needs.

More Insight into Ionization and Sputtering Systems

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What divides magnetron sputtering from various other sputtering approaches is the very high level of ionization of the target material which is deposited on the substrate. The film deposited can be as thin as a few atoms, but it’s nearly as strong as a diamond.

A magnetron sputtering system, likewise called high-power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) and high-power pulsed magnetron sputtering (HPPMS), is a fairly new advancement in precision vacuum system processes. The first device was made by Kouznetsov in October of 2001. Most industries that create medical tools, optical instruments and semi-conductors have benefited from this technology

If a product to be coated requires many layers of coating, it may require a greater ionization, a requirement a magnetron sputtering system could do. The magnetron cathode uses electromagnetic fields to contain the atoms and molecules, creating a highly concentrated beam that bombards the intended material.

Magnetron sputtering systems also provide the benefit of offering more choices than traditional, non-magnetron techniques. Magnetron sputtering systems can deposit denser, harder films. Objects that need to be protected from abrasion, heat and pressure can benefit from ionization in the sputtering process. The magnetron sputtering process offers a superior result for efforts to coat sensitive instruments and devices.

Guest post is provided by Denton Vacuum, LLC, offering the magnetron sputtering system and more. Visit the website for more details at

Sputter Deposition Methods: Ion Beam Sputtering, Magnetron Sputtering and Reactive Sputtering

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Guest post is provided by Denton Vacuum, LLC. Denton Vacuum manufactures machines that employ precision sputter deposition methods for diamond-like film quality. Visit for more information.

Vacuum coating systems are an amazing method of laying down layers of metal so thin that they are only a few atoms thick. Even more stunning is that these layers are incredibly durable, compared to the strength of a diamond. Practical applications for this kind of technology is for coating semiconductor systems or anything else that might have to endure high temperatures, pressures or impact over time. There are 3 main types of sputtering methods offered today: magnetron sputtering, ion beam sputtering and reactive sputtering.

Magnetron sputtering works by charging a magnetic field around the target. Gases such as argon fill the chamber and the material is electrically charged with either an AC or DC current. This type of ionization traps rogue electrons in the magnetic field. Eventually the density of the caught particles becomes so great, it begins to interact with the gas and begins to create energetic ions. The ions then impact the source material creating a residue on its surface.

Another sputter deposition method is Ion beam sputtering. Ion beam sputtering is able to work without a magnetic field. Ions ejected from the material to do the coating interact with electrons from a secondary source with a different charge. The target is then attacked with neutral atoms. Ion beams can conduct and insulate anything introduced into the chamber.

Reactive sputtering methods depend on how the gasses in the chamber and the material interact. How layers are accomplished can be manipulated by altering the pressure or types of gasses in the chamber. Layers on optic devices are usually laid via the reactive sputtering method. A thermal evaporation system relies on heat to activate the gasses.

Why Truck Rental Companies Should Consider Using Gps Tracking Fleet Management

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When it comes to keeping your rental cars safe especially in the event of a large delivery it can be a daunting task which is why more companies are choosing to use gps tracking fleet management. Whether you rent moving vans or trucks that have the ability to transport products or vehicles you need to keep yourself and your vehicles safe in the event that they are ever lost or stolen.


Almost any company can benefit from using these products especially with the security that it offers. If for some reason that the vehicles are ever lost or stolen the police and other law enforcement will have the ability to track down the location of your missing vehicles.


By investing in truck tracking you will be protecting yourself from potential losses and may help to save money on your car insurance. Not all insurance companies will offer a permanent decrease in your policy but most companies will offer some kind of one time discount for the responsible choice that you have made. This can help with fleet management and to ensure that your vehicles regardless of how many are safe at all times. If you are looking at what options are available for your company to help protect your employees and vehicles when they are out on the road you may want to look in to what products can offer you. You will need to research different companies and choose the one that can offer the best products at a price that you can afford.

Where to Find A GPS Tracking Device

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The easiest way to find a GPS tracking device is by searching online. There are hundreds of websites that sell tracking devices for many different uses. To find them all you need to do is search under “GPS” or “tracking devices”. Many tracking systems that are available for commercial use can track more than one vehicle at a time. If you need a tracking device for fleet tracking you will also need software to manage the tracking. This enables tracking devices to track fleets of vehicles instead of just one at a time.

There are many reasons why companies want to keep track of their fleets of trucks or cars. Some of the main reasons are to ensure their vehicles are being used for business purposes and also to ensure their vehicles are being operated safely. Many insurance companies recommend companies use tracking devices to monitor the activities of their vehicles to ensure the vehicles are safe and secure.

A lojack is mostly used to find the location of vehicles. It is not as sophisticated as GPS units and can only give an approximate location of a vehicle. When searching for a vehicle tracking system start your search at You can find any type of tracking system you need at a reasonable price. Check out the site and read all the information about tracking systems. Many personal vehicles now have tracking systems preinstalled by the manufacturer. Many insurance companies now recommend that people have tracking systems installed in their vehicles and also offer discounts.

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