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Improvements to Time and Attendance Systems

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Written by: Allied Time

The technology behind time and attendance systems has changed significantly over the years. Early clocks functioned much like a rotary phone, with later clocks using a card system to record punches. Today’s clocks are almost all digital. This is a huge benefit to employers and employees, who will deal with fewer incidents of time clock fraud and a much smoother process of tracking paid hours.


Today, an electronic time clock can come outfitted with several features that help to cut down on fraud. It’s not uncommon to see clocks utilizing biomechanics to verify an employee clocking in. These systems scan fingerprints, and may have advanced camera systems capable of facial recognition. In fact, facial recognition systems can scan up to 60 different parts of the face in order to verify identity. This technology is also becoming more affordable by the day, and easier to implement. Employees love that they don’t need to memorize ID numbers or carry keys with them, and security is much smoother when everyone is authorized digitally.

Online Attendance

Time clock software now tracks time spent on projects, no matter where the worker may be. The growing age of remote working has created need for employers to track hourly work. These systems not only track attendance, they can sometimes track tasks as well. Employers can download all of this information in easy-to-process time sheets that contain all of the clock punches made by an employee.

New Ways to Clock

Aside from biometrics, there are new ways to clock into a time clock. You can use key fobs that are designed to be used by a single employee, thus enabling security to track who is in which areas. There are also time clocks that utilize RFID technology, allowing employees to keep a card on them for easy access. Portable time clocks offer the features of a stand alone time clock, but they use batteries to make them portable and easy to move. Excellent for companies on-the-go or companies planning a move.

Final Thoughts

Time and attendance are important to focus on. It’s a small component of a successful business, but employees who come to work and do their jobs need to be paid for those efforts. With the new options in time and attendance technology, you will be able to track their efforts wherever they may clock into work from.

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