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What Analytics Can Teach You

February 27, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Good marketers develop a process in steps. They begin by building a landing page and an offer, then they work on segmenting their traffic and launching campaigns. The data you accumulate from your analytics can help provide valuable insider information about the people who purchase your products and services. Study these numbers regularly, and establish a system for yourself. You can learn a lot from your analytics software if you know what to look for.

User Activity

Analytics can teach you a lot about what users actually do when they visit your landing page. The bounce rate, for instance, can be a strong indication of how popular your ad and landing page are. Time spent on site can clue you in to how effective your copy is, especially on long-form landing pages.

Once you understand more about how users are interacting with your ads, you can work on honing your campaign to get more conversions. Try reducing your copy or adding bullet points if you notice a decrease in time spent on site. Review your landing page if you notice a high bounce rate. You might be able to change something obvious, like adding a specific keyword to your headline, which could have a strong impact on conversions.

If you run multiple landing pages in several campaigns, you can use analytics to determine which of these pages is most popular. One good example is switching from long to short form. If the long form copy does well, distill that copy into a few bullet points to test whether users will respond better to a page that requires less time reading.

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