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Tips for Mobile Advertising

August 7, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Mobile advertising is a fairly new form of digital advertising that relies on some techniques that are similar to desktop. You will still find banner and rich media ads, but the sizes and locations will be vastly different. Test different formats to find the ideal ads for mobile.

Ad Hosting

Special care should be taken in figuring out where an ad is actually hosted. Some ads are hosted within a smartphone application, which can present problems when it comes time to track conversions. Other ads are hosted on Web pages, which can present issues if the site isn’t properly scaled to match the mobile experience.

Speed is another issue. File sizes should be kept as low as possible, and you should test your ads before deployment if possible. Internet connections can be an issue, but large file sizes only complicate that problem. Always ask your buy-side platform which sizes are preferred if you need design guidelines.

Ad Formats

It’s helpful to break banner advertising campaigns into ad formats, so that you can easily track which sizes are performing best for your campaigns. Be sure to include individual tracking code for each ad size, and this will help you identify which sizes are most effective.

Final Thoughts

You will find some overlap in the performance of mobile and desktop ads, especially with regards to messaging. However, mobile users are more apt to search by location and may be more likely to buy than to wait for a return phone call.

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