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The many benefits of a local data center

Summary: When choosing a data center, there are several advantages to going with a local party, especially for physical access to the server and monitoring the security of your systems.

Using a third-party data center has a lot of benefits for organizations. Data centers provide increased up-time, greater resources and faster provisioning of new resources including options for disaster recovery. Also, once you decommission the in-house server room, you can put all those resources into improving the business, as opposed to running and managing a server room. There is one scenario where you can gain further: the local data center.

The local data center has grown in popularity over the years. The first instinct for many is to move everything to the largest provider they can find. However, the problem is that in most cases, those data centers are hundreds or thousands of miles away. Why go so far when you can get everything you need locally?

Granted, using a local data center benefits the organizations that prefer or require direct access to their equipment regularly. Having said that, you get peace of mind from knowing that you have physical access to your systems at any time of day. You can go in and resolve problems with or without the assistance of the data center staff.

Also, you also get to see how secure your data and physical servers are in person. You get to inspect any systems you require without a cross-country flight. Some audits require regular checks and tests of systems at the data center, and going local will make that cheaper and easier.

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