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The benefits of the colocation model

rackalley2Written by Rack Alley

Most organizations have a hybrid model when it comes to server hosting. It usually involves a mix of legacy in-house server along with a mix of cloud infrastructure services. Almost all of these organizations started out with building their own data center. The problem with owning a data center is that you have to pay for everything upfront and maintenance. Any failure to keep up with replacements and maintenance can have catastrophic consequences. This is why there is a growing demand for colocation facilities. This model offers the following benefits:


It is easier to get additional operational expenditure to host servers at an LA colocation facility than to continuously request high capital expenses to build, maintain and operate an in-house data center.

Core competency

For most organizations owning and operating a data center is not a core competency. This will require hiring and keeping skilled IT staff and an additional overhead in terms of security. In a colocation model, the company can focus on its main business.


Colocation is not simply hosting servers anymore. Data centers provide solutions to customers. This allows the organizations to scale the resources at their disposal as and when required. It is no longer just space, power, and cooling.


Recent audits have required proper security for data centers for all businesses. Third part data centers will have that level of security and monitoring available.


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