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By Ted Dhanik 

As humans venture further and further into the technology age, businesses struggle to keep up with the constant change of landscape on how to market their products. The internet and use of it is one constant that is not going away anytime soon. And businesses are learning how to capitalize on the web to market their various products. The struggle comes because of the constant change in the web interface. This changes how the consumers shop, thus how the product is viewed and purchased- and the need for a new marketing plan has developed.

Display advertising is a marketing tract that is successful in both its ROI and strategy in business promotion. Using various research and marketing tools, display advertising is geared towards promoting what the users want to see, instead of what the business wants to say. This is different from traditional media sources, such as television or news, where the business talks about its product to a large mass of people. Within display advertising, to generate a high number of users visiting the business’ website, it is necessary to build an ad that appeals directly to the consumer. If it doesn’t, then the consumer will ignore it and go on to the next display advertisement.

The key to making display advertisement successful is the dedication to the details. Investing in research of a business’s target consumers and customers will result in a better placed ad that can generate more revenue.

Display advertising helps create the market, instead of following the trends. It looks like it is here to stay.

Guest post provided by Ted Dhanik, CEO of engage:BDR. Ted Dhanik is a marketing and display advertising guru who offers thoughtful insight in his personal blog. Ted Dhanik can help your business boost their visibility with display advertising.

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