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Display Advertising: Marketing for the Digital Age

By Ted Dhanik

The rules have changed in advertising since the internet has boomed as a primary source of entertainment and information. Newspapers are beginning to close their print departments in favor of publishing on a web site. Needless to say, the paperboy on his bicycle is looking for a new job these days. And unless they find the means to adapt, people working in advertising, and the businesses they represent, might be doing the same as well.

The standard print ads and flyers have given way to banner ads and streaming promotions. The technology exists to apply advertising to the interests of an individual perusing through a website. The latest in advertising techniques brings the content to those that want it. For example, those gathering information about home improvements might find banner ads for a hardware store or those seeking tips to lose weight may learn of local gym memberships due to a streaming video giving a tour of the gym’s facilities. Even more so, the internet has allowed businesses to find the very customers that they are pursuing. Aspects of marketing such as these have revolutionized the industry. And the market is available to those who are willing to change and grow.

The fact of the matter is this new means of advertising is becoming far superior to the print ads that most of us grew up with. With print ads, it is hoped that it will reach the target audience. A good portion of the time, the message goes unnoticed. Through advertising on the web, a business can be assured that the intended customers will be reached and the message shared with many individuals who will be receptive to what is being offered.

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