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Breaking Down the Role of a Command Center for a Business

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Summary: Command centers are often viewed as a localized nerve center that is pivotal for business operations.

A command center plays an important role for companies that require a nerve center. Moreover, it can oversee any activity performed by the company and play a role in performing a variety of tasks.

Every command center is designed to provide the operators with quick access to connected setups in order to perform data analysis or monitoring any project. Consider it as a separate entity from the company due the fact that the center is actually facility that may be off-site and controlled by either a third-party or an in-house team that works for the company directly.

What is a Command Center?

Many people associate command centers with what they see in the movies. For example, a bunch of mid-level associates dressed in business suits furiously typing away and looking at each other with dramatic pauses. Well, this isn’t too far from reality – obviously without the Hollywood effects.

A command center is a centralized hub that incorporates numerous A/V equipment and monitors to oversee all operations of the company. Today’s modern center incorporates advanced technology, making it a much more efficient workplace than how it used to be.

Smarter Technology

Technology moves at lightning speed, and machines are slowly becoming smaller yet more powerful. In this day and age, command centers don’t need a spacious setting since there are smarter, integrated setups replacing the bulky machines of the past.

There are certain exceptions to this however, as larger companies may require facilities that incorporate an elaborate setup for full control of A/V components. When it’s all said and done, each company differs when it comes to their needs, but it should be known that even a basic facility with a smart setup can perform efficiently.

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Finding the Right Furniture for Your Office

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Summary: Finding the right furniture for your workplace can make the environment more comfortable and can boost employee performance.

The workplace might seem like one of the easier parts of running a business. Depending on your business, each employee will need, at minimum, a way to do their work and a place to do it. For most people in offices, this can be accomplished with just simple control room furniture. When you take into consideration the fact that your employees could be spending around a third of their entire day working, it would make sense to invest in a proper work environment.

The more comfortable your employees feel at work, the better and faster they will work. How you approach this is entirely up to you but there are different guidelines that can help steer you in the right direction. A good place to start would be to take a look at the furniture being used throughout the office. It might be time for you to upgrade certain pieces and replace others, altogether. This is a big financial investment that can pay off.


Finding furniture that will help your employees work productively is important. More and more managers are starting to realize the importance of comfort and how impactful it can be on a company’s overall performance. One aspect you could address is flexibility. Whether you are working at a network operations center video wall or working at the front desk, sitting for too long will inevitably make you uncomfortable.

Traditional desks are still very popular but health experts stress that humans are not supposed to stay seated for long periods of time. Invest in flexible desks that can switch between sitting and standing positions to give your employees the chance to stretch their legs and move around.

Different Furniture for Different Workflows

Not every employee will need the same setup. While a desk with a monitor might be enough for one employee, someone using your Constant Technologies, Inc. command center could also require space for additional monitors or controllers. Rather than giving each employee the same furniture to use, think about their workflows and what would help make their lives the easiest. Help create an environment they can get comfortable and work efficiently in.

Talking to your employees to understand their needs could help make sure you invest in what would help and that your money is being put to good use. This is a rather small detail that can play a big role in how your organization operates.