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How to Convince Leadership to Create an Effective SOC

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Security threats are evolving. They’re advancing in capabilities, which has led to a demand in Security Operations Centers (SOCs) to counter these issues. Now, relying on your basic firewall or antivirus software isn’t going to protect your company from being broken into. There are numerous ways to bypass these softwares and is often compared to as a plastic lock. Cyber security requires layering solutions and other measures to enable and maintain security – which leads to SOCs.


Do You Need a SOC?

One of the most difficult things that business owners tend to brush off is the conversation about the need for a SOC. Without justification, owners simply don’t realize the threat or value of the center itself. What needs to occur is tangible evidence that being proactive can actually assist in the company’s overall productivity.


Waiting to react after a breach has occurred could lead to an extremely costly recovery. Not only this, but valuable information and data could be stolen – which could lead to legal troubles and other problems that could cost you a significant amount money and time. You’ve seen it on the news, how money has been lost from data breaches.


Establishing a SOC


With so many questions to ask, you should focus on ones that are designed to make the owner think about the impact that an incident can have on the company. You’ll also want to ensure whether or not their cyber security capabilities are more than just your standard antivirus software and firewall. Most businesses have found that they need to develop a more effective incident response plan, which requires a group within the business to take care of it – enter the Security Operations Center.


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How Video Wall Presence in the Oil and Gas Industry is Affecting Applications

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Summary: Video walls are becoming more involved within the oil and gas industry.


The oil and gas extraction industry is known for its vast amount of geological data. Because of this, numerous geologists and oil and gas engineers require a solution to pinpoint where exactly they need to start their drilling operations. The amount of geological data, otherwise known as Big Data, is amassed for a specific project, or “play” as it’s most commonly referred to in the business, and requires extraordinary command center workstations and other tools to visualize all aspects of the data itself.


Enhanced Data Analysis


Now, because of this, the industry has begun investing heavily in improving overall data analysis and interpretation capabilities. This a massive upgrade to traditional methods which didn’t fully utilize the capabilities of technology, and in turn functioned at a decreased efficiency rate.


Video walls have now become a standard tool in the gas and oil industry to help with the visualization and interpretation of their huge data sets, which is a vital step before committing to investing millions of dollars to drill exploratory wells and the such.


The goal of these command centers are to assist the engineers in directing their equipment towards the right direction. Without this accessibility, they suffer a drop in production and efficiency.


Final Thoughts


The increase in command center technology in the oil and gas industry is enhancing the overall level of production for both engineers and technicians alike. It’s an important step for companies looking to increase their overall effectiveness. If your company is searching for an integrator that’s capable of providing a significant change in your command center, companies like and other major designers are your best choice.