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How to Keep Your Small Business Secure From Cyber Criminals

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Summary: Cyber attacks are one of the most dangerous threats for any small business. Keep your SMB safe with these tips.

While small- to mid-sized businesses might not have the luxury of hiring the most expensive form of information technology security, they still face the same threat that many large-scaled businesses do. To make matters worse, small businesses are often targeted by cyber criminals because of this lack of security, making breaching networks a much easier task.

There needs to be a conscious effort by the business manager and IT manager to ensure that active security controls are in place. Additionally, these security controls must include both a back-up and disaster recovery plan for when an attack does occur.

Automated Back-Up Systems Should Always Be in Place

Anything can happen to a business – floods, earthquakes, thieves, and even the inside threat. Automate the back-up process and always prepare for anything that could potentially erase the physical data that you have for your clients. Plan for disruptions that could potentially last for weeks if not months and always test it to make sure it’s viable – an outdated security plan could put you in a bigger hole if you’re not careful.

Keep Your Employees In the Loop

It’s crucial to train you employees about the nature of today’s cyber-attacks. While many think that these criminals only go after the large-scaled businesses, it’s simply not true. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are, if you’re susceptible to attack, you bet these hackers will try everything they can to steal information, erase data, or even manage to get away with some of your funds. Many cyber-criminals target small businesses to compromise the computers that they use for banking and payments to commit fraud while emptying out one’s business account.

Never take these crooks for granted. They’ve delved into some of the most advanced type of hacking techniques that can crack even the toughest security measure.

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Essential elements of an e-commerce product page

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Summary: The product page is the most important page on an e-commerce site. Proper product titles, an enticing call to action, impactful images and search friendly descriptions are a few of the essential elements on the page.

The product page plays a critical role in convincing a visitor to consider buying a product (or service). A product page is successful when it convinces the visitor to add the product to the cart. There are so many things that can go wrong that it is important to give special attention to the elements on the product page. Here is a short list of elements that should be part of every e-commerce product page:

Product names – Make the product names as descriptive as possible. Also, try and add as much detail to the name without making it seem like spam. For example, “Handcraft 22-carat Gold Ring” is far more likely to attract a click and attention than “Gold Ring.”

CTA – The call to action is what drives the visitor to make a decision. Everything from color, size, and font affects how a user would respond. Look at how some successful players like Amazon style their call to action and experiment with how it works for you.

Image – The element with the biggest impact on the purchasing decision is the product image. The right product image is in itself enough of a catalyst for a visitor to make an immediate purchase. Also, try and have as many additional pictures of the product, from different angles, on the site.

Description – The product description should be long enough to describe the product accurately and short enough that people will read it. Also, you should optimize the description for search.

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