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How the Mobile Revolution Changed Advertisements

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shutterstock_133417934Streaming apps have brought advertisements into a new light.

The rise of the Internet has led way to a focus on digital marketing techniques and the perception that radio is a relic of the past. In fact, radio may be more beneficial to people than most people might think.

The Rise and Fall of Digital Advertising

Digital advertising was all the rage when text links and banners were a “step up” from broadcasting due to the large amount of the population spending their time online. As expected, technology advanced and the mobile revolution began. Therefore, what made sense to target consumers through digital ads began taking a step backwards.

Mobile’s Rise

The mobile revolution has led to radio becoming more prominent in today’s culture due to the development of new streaming apps that allow users to access their favorite radio stations through their mobile phone. According to Steve Doctrow, of Rogers & Cowan, the newer generation, also known as the Millennials, is growing up with multiple entertainment options delivered right to their phones.

The mobile movement has brought advertising and marketing into the new ages and has opened up new strategies for businesses and companies to reach out to their consumers. It’s a win-win for the advertising industry as the concept of radio still remains prevalent in today’s society and the consumer base still has a new medium for which they can be reached at. New apps where you can stream your music even include advertisements in between songs. The transition is looking smoother than ever.

The Importance of a Quality Online Shopping Cart

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By Secure Net Shop2

It takes a lot for your ecommerce site to succeed. About a decade ago, simply having a site may have been enough. If you just had the best product or service, you could generally rely on word of mouth to do most of the heavy lifting for you. Then all you had to do was sit back and let your site collect money for you.

Unfortunately, that’s not the way things work anymore. If your site’s features aren’t all top-notch, then don’t expect much. In fact, you might actually find that you simply wasted a lot of money trying to get business when you ended up with a big fat zero instead.

While many components are fairly obvious, quality shopping cart services are often forgotten about. Far too many website owners simply go with the cheapest option for this important facet of their site. They act as though an online shopping cart is barely as important as the real world kind.

But that shopping cart is the last thing a customer is going to see before they decide to make their purchase. You simply can’t afford to screw this moment up. With a high quality software, customers will move uninterrupted to completing the transaction, putting money in your pocket.


No ecommerce website is complete until it has its own ecommerce cart software. If your company currently lacks on, stop settling for lackluster results. Let Secure Net Shop help you with this essential asset.

Common Therapeutic Applications for Oligonucleotides

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Oligonucleotides continue to enhance medical research.

Oligonucleotides play a large role in both therapeutics and research. Their capabilities have led to researchers developing enhanced forms of these oligos to aid in the systemic enrichment of life’s challenges. Here are some common applications of oligos that are used today.

Allele-Specific Oligonucleotides

These probes are generally utilized in testing for diseases such as cystic fibrosis and sickle-cell anemia. Common point mutations are what this type of oligonucleotide specializes and thrives in. How they go about determining whether or not the samples mutate is by comparing two different types of oligonucleotides, one with a standard sequence and the other with the proposed disease. This indicator has proven to enhance the way laboratories catch diseases in their early stages.

Nucleic Acid Aptamers

These DNA or RNA sequences bind to a specific protein and are used as a sensor for cellular processes. In other words, they assist with the delivery of drugs in clinical trials for a variety of disorders and diseases such as: cancer, muscular dystrophy, and cardiac degeneration. Through either DNA or RNA synthesis, these aptamers become an enriched protein that offers a lot to the medicinal world.

Antisense Oligonucleotides

Antisense oligonucleotides are used to minimize the levels of protein synthesis. This type of oligonucleotide is the foundation for many clinical trials that are being performed in laboratories today. One of the most successful transitions into actual medical work, antisense therapy is available to help treat cytomegalovirus retinitis and certain cancer treatments. The sequences of these oligonucleotides allows for them to be susceptible to degradation and enter the cells with minimal resistance.

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