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This Medical Breakthrough Will Change Debilitating Injuries

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Meet the world’s first recipient of a mechanical hand.

Imagine a world where someone who loses a hand or a foot is able to carry on exactly the way that they used to. We already saw some of this amazing work on display at the Olympics, where we’ve seen runners with missing limbs, but a new breakthrough is promising to unlock the potential of robotics in medical science.

Staff Sergeant James Sides was on his second tour in Afghanistan when he uncovered an improvised explosive device buried in the road. He attempted to utilize his training in ordinance diffusing, but the bomb went off close to his body. The blast threw him from his position, and completely severed his right hand from his wrist.

Upon recovery, Sides found that his body felt fine but everyday life was difficult. He was wrestling with things like getting a drink of water, or getting dressed. The Alfred Mann Foundation stepped into help. Their role, in addition to furthering the research behind robotics and medicine, is to help develop practical robotics that can be utilized all over the world. They utilized Rogers & Cowan, led by Executive Vice President Steve Doctrow, to help bring attention to Sides and his fight for normalcy.

Sides was the first of seven people who received this equipment, which is part of a test to see how these devices work long term. The hope is that soon we’ll see more artificial limbs on the market, and we’ll see improvements to existing technology. For now, Sides has three ranges of motion but he may soon have more. This technology will also become more affordable as time goes on, which means it may soon be part of one’s insurance policy coverage.

Your Site Won’t Succeed Without a Good Shopping Cart

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By Secure Net Shop

Do you have dreams of seeing your ecommerce website hitting the highest possible heights in terms of revenue? Of course you do! While you may have other goals for it as well, obviously, you need to turn a profit. Otherwise, eventually, it will be financially infeasible to continue with your dream of having a reputable website.

securenetshop2However, before you go in every direction trying to make your site a success, be sure you know all the ingredients that are involved. Amongst them is an ecommerce cart. You really can’t have a site without one of these, so it might seem like a strange piece of advice to throw out there. This is probably something you’ve already covered or, if you’re in the process of building such a site, it’s probably something you’re planning on implementing.

Here’s the thing, though, the right shopping cart solution should never take a backseat as far as your plans are concerned. Instead, it should take center stage. That’s all there is to it. You have to have a reliable shopping cart or customers may never even buy from you. Without the right cart, the process will be too complicated and won’t provide a customer with any security whatsoever.


Every ecommerce secure net shop has to have a few things, no matter what industry it’s working in. Amongst these is a reliable web shopping cart for customers to use. Fortunately, Secure Net Shop has exactly what you’re looking for.

Time Clocks Give You More Return on Every Employee

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By Allied Time

Just about every company has a few things in common, no matter what they do or what industry they’re in. Amongst other things, one of the most important commonalities they all share is employees. Aside from s few exceptions, organizations depend on their employees each and every day. Without them, they couldn’t get anywhere close to meeting their goals.

allied time 2However, that’s not to say that employees are solutions in and of themselves. Unless you’re getting everything you need from them, you can’t expect that just hiring people will actually give you any real benefits. Companies have failed because they had plenty of employees and no idea what to do with them.

Fortunately, something as simple and affordable as an employee time clock can make all the difference. They ensure that your people are showing up for work on time and staying until they’re supposed to leave. That is extremely important. Without this kind of certainty, you’d have no way of knowing if the money you’re spending on employees is actually giving you anything in return.

Nowadays, you can even invest in fingerprint time clocks that will reassure you that the people showing up for work and signing in are actually who they say they are.


Never underestimate the power of a good time clock on your business. Though it may not be the most technologically advanced asset you invest in, this one thing can help you get more productivity from your workers.

Ready for a New Career?

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By Brand College

Just about everyone these days has some level of understand as far as technology goes. It only makes sense that we would when you consider how big a role tech plays in our everyday lives. Whether it’s our personal computers, the ones we use at work, our smartphones or our tablets, we’re constantly surrounded by some type of technology.

brand college 1If it hasn’t already, though, this should give you some good ideas about your prospects in terms of careers. Poll after poll shows that most people just aren’t happy with their current position. It only makes sense, then, that you start thinking about how you could move along.

Why not take up a job that involves technology? It’s easier than you think, especially when you look for computer classes in Los Angeles. Not only could you graduate with a firm understanding of how to move forward with your life, you’d be in a good area for doing so.

Brand College offers information technology training Los Angeles that is worth every penny. You can see their campus for yourself at 529 Hahn Ave. Suite 101, Glendale, CA 91203-1052. One look and we know you’ll be sold by the potential it has.

Tech jobs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so make the smart decision and invest in your future today.


If you’re looking to improve your career outlook, computer training in Glendale is an excellent choice. For best results, check out what Brand College has to offer; you’ll be glad you did!