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Detecting Click Fraud

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Click fraud is the elephant in the room, except this elephant is slowly eroding the budgets of marketers around the world. It’s not something most people are comfortable discussing because they often have no solution to solve the problem. The good news is that while click fraud is elusive, it’s possible for you to detect if you know your campaigns well. Here are the signs you ought to look for, and what to do if you suspect you are a victim.

Click Fraud Might Be Occurring if…

If your display advertising campaigns experience sudden spikes, increasing or decreasing clicks you receive, you could be part of click fraud. People have the tendency to believe click fraud happens to individuals, but it’s an attempt at manipulating markets. It can inflate the worth of keywords that don’t have much value, and increase competition unfairly for keywords that do have high response rates. Sudden changes can signal a larger disturbance, especially in campaigns that perform consistently.

You may also be a victim of click fraud if your click thru rates spike suddenly. You will often notice increased traffic coupled with a higher bounce rate, a sign that users are quickly clicking off the ad. This could be an indication that someone is using a botnet to influence the market.

Handling Click Fraud

The best thing you can do is report potential click fraud to the ad exchange you work with. They can review your banner advertising, and check IP addresses of visitors to see if the users are fake.

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Giving your employees an IT education

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Written by Brand College

You would be surprised as to how easy it is for you to actually give your employees proper training in IT courses. All you would need to do is look for Microsoft training Los Angeles or even Information Technology Training Los Angeles and you would find several hits that are completely relevant and competent as well. If you already have employees that have a computer science background or have taken IT courses before, these courses are perfect for them so you can update their skills and training to the current practices and standards that the industry has. This way, your network would remain completely secure and efficient all thanks to competent and well-trained employees that have received the best and most updated training as well. Whether your IT department consists of two persons or one hundred, sending your people to training is one of the best business decisions you could make since you need to make your network as updated as possible. After all, there are constant attacks on computers and systems on a daily basis, and should your network suffer and get breached with one of these attacks, your IT personnel need to get it back and working in the shortest time possible so your business would not be affected by it as much. Having in-house IT personnel is also a great idea because any tweaks, quick fixes would easily be made without having to spend so much money by outsourcing IT services. Training would not even take as long as you think.

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