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How to Leverage Data to Drive Sales

October 17, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Writing excellent marketing copy is one of the biggest contributors to your overall conversion rate in a campaign. The trouble is coming up with that copy in the first place. You never want to start from a blank slate, so your alternative is to draw inspiration from outside sources. Once you’ve learned how to leverage data you’ve gathered from social networks and your own data, your banner advertising will see great improvements.

Analytics and Social Signals

There are basically two types of signals you can use to inform your copy: social signals and your own analytics. Social signals refer to the potential interactions that can occur on social media. “Likes,” for example, signal that users are generally interested in seeing more of something. Same with “Pins” from Pinterest, where users can actually start threads of conversation by pinning something. The easiest method to find something popular is to just search for the highest stats. Numbers only tell half the story though.

You should look through user comments to try and identify common themes. Are users upset about how something works? Do they need extra parts to make it work better? The more you know about how they use the product, and what they use it for, the better your chances of selling it effectively.

Your Analytics should also inform some of your display advertising, especially when you know which pages are most popular on your site.


Social signals can be very powerful indicators of interest for a product or service. Even if you go by numbers alone, you can easily spot what’s popular.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is the CEO of engage:BDR, a digital marketing company that specializes in display and video advertising. With a career in inside sales, Ted Dhanik has helped major brands like find more visibility through engaging ads. Ted Dhanik is currently living in Los Angeles, where he practices direct marketing and business development.