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How to Use Content Marketing to Generate Leads

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Content marketing is often overlooked in the world of affiliate marketing, because it’s a strategy that is believed to take too long. In fact, content marketing plays an important role in display advertising from the marketing and publishing side. Whichever side you fall on, these tips will either help you understand how optimization works or perform it for yourself.

Optimize a Blog

The key to any blog is a good theme that you can organize content around. It should be something easy to identify, like tech or home improvement, and it should be something you can update regularly. The biggest advantage is the traffic you gain, especially if you can learn a bit about your audience. If a blogger installs analytics, he will be able to track who visits his page and learn more about those visitors.

On the marketing side, good blog optimization is a component of solid targeting through buy-side platforms.

Buy Traffic

Buying traffic means that your banner advertising is shown on a blog or a website that has content on it. Your ads are typically matched by relevance, among other key metrics like bidding rate, so good content is crucial to good ads.

Landing Page

Content also plays an important role on your landing page, where it motivates users to do something like fill out a form or buy a product. Content should always be the first thing seen on screen before scrolling., and you should use concise language that communicates the strengths of your campaign. It also helps to utilize keywords in this content, as customers are more likely to be receptive to an ad that contains words they are searching for.

Bio: Los Angeles based Internet marketing expert Ted Dhanik is the co-founder of engage:BDR. Ted Dhanik has worked for Web properties such as and, where he became adept at creating campaigns that perform. Ted Dhanik offers advice through multiple channels online, and at engage:BDR.

Portable Power Is Essential

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By Start Pac

Have you ever had a bad dream that involved a blackout? Are you the owner of a business who has worried about what would happen to revenues if the power all of a sudden went out? Perhaps, as a homeowner, you’ve seen news stories that reminded you of how bad things can be when you don’t have the power supply you take for granted, but no less rely on.

Fortunately, there are a number of options that can help you sleep well at night. Something like a 28 volt battery pack is a good example of this. A pack like this is highly portable and is full of the electricity you need for charging plenty of large pieces of equipment.

However, a portable GPU is an even better option still. You can get all sorts of power from these products and they’ll ensure everything from the lights to an airplane battery can get going when you think all hope is loss. Many use them on a daily basis to get the power they need, no matter what the status of their normal electricity is.

So no matter what your needs may be, portable power can do it all and more.


Portable power units are absolutely critical for many business solutions, but they can also be a real luxury for other purposes too. In any case, if you need a little extra ground power (e.g. a 24 volt power supply) for either purpose, you’d do well to head over to Start PAC and see what they have to offer.