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Why is a time clock necessary at the workplace?

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Written by Allied Time

If you work at a factory, an office, or any workplace that is very particular about time, it is only necessary that you should have a bundy clock, Lathem time clocks, orPyramid time clocksto ensure that you know exactly how much time you spent working. Can you imagine the absurd situation you would find yourself in if you work for twelve hours but you would only be credited instead for eight hours by your employer? If you complain and insist that you have been working for twelve hours, it would be very difficult to prove such a fact if you did not have any concrete evidence to support it. Even testimonies or statements made by your co-workers could be considered as dubious and self-serving at best. You see, having a bundy clock at the workplace is not just for the employer’s benefit. As a matter of fact, it’s even a bigger benefit to you so you can earn the wages that you deserve. Nobody wants to be underpaid, and this is the most accurate way for you to ensure that you are getting paid for the work that you’re doing. As an employee, you should know the rights that you are entitled to. And one of those is the statutory minimum wage. Another thing you need to pay close attention to is any collective bargaining agreement that your worker’s union may have executed with your employer as well. Make sure that you get paid correctly for what you’re doing.


Your office should have a time card machine. It’s only necessary that your employees should punch out and punch in to be fair to them.

How to expand your business through export

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Written by port containers

How is it possible for businesses that have offices the size of a small apartment but still manage to make hundreds and thousands of dollars in profit in a single year? The answer to that is that you should expand your reach by selling beyond the range of what your physical store can handle. By exporting, you will be able to sell by bulk and you will also be able to make one big sale after another instead of having to sell through retail. Granting that the profit per item is higher in retail, the number of transactions that you will need to go through in order to achieve the same profits in wholesale would be nearly impossible if you only had one small store. In other words, if you want to maximize your earning potential without having to invest in so much stores, then you should go into export. As easy as it may sound though, going into the export business requires you to have additional permits to the business permit that you already possess. That’s because exporting requires a license of it’s own if you exceed a certain volume when you transport products. However, it’s a fairly easy permit to get. A few things that you will need to take note of before you go into export is that you must have to adhere to rules and regulations set out by regulatory agencies about the manner of storage as well as the dimensions on how it should be packed and shipped.


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