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Technical Training for Your Sweepstakes Parlor

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If you’re planning to launch a sweepstakes parlor, congratulations! You’re about to start a profitable company. But before you can open a sweepstakes company, you will need to learn the technical aspect of running this type of company, such as how to install and use the equipment. Learning how to properly install and use sweepstakes machines and web games can mean the difference between success and failure. But where can you find the technical training you need for your sweepstakes parlor? The answer is by hiring the right consulting firm.

If you want to operate a successful sweepstakes machines parlor, consider hiring a consulting firm that can offer onsite installation services and hands-on training. When it comes to learning how to use internet café sweepstakes software and other equipment, the right consulting firm should be able to teach you the ropes so that you don’t have to hire a technician in the future. Along with hands-on training, you should also hire a company that can help you install the machines. Free installation services means that your equipment will be properly installed from the start, which will avoid major problems down the line.

While onsite installation and hands-on training is vital to the success of your business, the right consulting company can also help you with other aspects of launching your business. If you’re new to the sweepstakes gaming market, it will help to get expert advice on every aspect of starting this company. A company like SweepsCoach can help you with selecting the right location, sticking within your budget, and choosing the best games in the industry. Learning how to install and use the equipment will ensure that you run a successful company and avoid spending more money down the road.

Choosing the Right Punctuality Software for Your Business

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By Allied Time

Once your company reaches a certain number of employees, it becomes necessary to keep an eye on their punctuality so you know they’re keeping to their schedule. Fortunately, this is easier than ever thanks to companies like Allied Time that deal in clocks and software companies can rely on to keep them on top of their employees’ punctuality issues.

Depending on the size of your company and the type, if any, of problem you’re seeing in your staff, some options will work better than others. That being said, some type of tech is absolutely necessary so you can track your staff’s attendance throughout the day, week, month and year.

Perhaps one of the best options to go with is a fingerprint time clock. This device allows you to easily track your employees because only they can sign in or out. Without such a system, many employees feel pressured to check in for their colleagues who are otherwise late.

You can also add software to this that will provide you macro reports of your staff’s punctuality and also give you the option to drill down to individuals so you can show them how bad their problem is becoming.

Make sure you take advantage of the many options out there today for keeping track of your employees’ time.

Allied Time sells all kinds of employee Time machine options you can use to enhance punctuality. For example, your company can a Biometric time clock and attendance system better track your employees’ attendance thanks to options like those from Icon time systems.

Save Money on Shipping Containers

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By Port Containers

With so many options for shipping your company’s cargo, it can be tough finding ones that will just help you save money. Without a doubt, the highest value for moving cargo is with shipping containers, but this doesn’t mean they won’t cost you money. Fortunately, there are other ways you can save your company’s budget.

One way is to simply rent room in another company’s container. With so many companies using storage containers for cargo transportation, it’s very realistic that many simply aren’t using up all the space they have. Propose a price and ask if you can rent that much amount of room for your company.

If you do decide to follow this option though, a word of warning: be sure you’re aware of how the other company packs their things. It’s possible they don’t do a very good job and their cargo could then end up compromising yours.

You should also consider purchasing used containers for sale. Not only will you save money on the purchase, but you can even make money by renting it off if you don’t use it all yourself. Of  course, now it’s even more incumbent on you to make sure your cargo is packed tight so you don’t face a lawsuit for damages.

If your company needs to ship materials long distances, you should consider Port Containers. Amongst other things, the company offers storage containers for sale. They even have used shipping containers and offer free quotes to better help your company save money and can provide you with refrigerated containers if your cargo is temperature sensitive.

Hassle-Free Network Setup

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By Rack Alley

As we grow up and no longer rely on our parents for support, we are often faced with a decision: to look for a job and work for someone else, or to start your own business. The former is the most common way to go about it, but the latter can yield better results so long as you are hard working and persevering. With many start up enterprises growing in Los Angeles like mushrooms in a field these days, staying ahead of the competition is tough. Ensuring your advantage, you must have a strong online presence especially now that everybody turns to the internet to find solutions to their problems. In order to do this, you need  to have a website with functions of your business integrated into it for those on-the-go transactions. In los angeles colocation services can be found who can provide you server space so  that you can get your name out there. Rack Alley, a Los Angeles-based company is one of these companies who provide colocation as well as server hosting los angeles. This internet solutions company take into account that not everybody is an IT guy and will probably not understand all the technical jargon to properly set up your network infrastructure. As such, companies such as Rack Alley exist to set up and maintain your server and network requirements so you don’t have to, which means more time to focus on more immediate tasks at hand, such as how to make your business boom.

Rack Alley is an internet solutions company that cater to both small scale and large scale enterprises with utilizing their state of the art los angeles data center.

Protect Your Terminal Server Sessions

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By RDPSoft Company

Any company that has a large staff and a centralize database should take advantage of terminal servers. They’ll allow more of your staff access to that important information at once. Furthermore, you can also add remote applications so your staff can access that database from just about anywhere. If your company currently isn’t using terminal servers, they’re missing out on a lot of potential.

But even if your company is already putting them to use, there’s still a lot more you could be doing to get the most out of each and every terminal server session. Remote desktop allocations are certainly one example. However, a log terminal server application is too. With this addition, you’ll have the equivalent of a sign-in book for your terminal server. That way, whenever anyone logs in to get some work done, you’ll have an accurate record of who’s there.

Another great way to get more from your terminal server is by adding in a monitoring system. This way you’ll have an accurate record of not only who has signed in, but exactly what they have done since they’ve been there.

When it comes to terminal servers, the more security and accountability you can add, the better. It will mean you get more from the product and your clientele will appreciate the measures you’re taking to guard their information.

RDPSoft Company specializes in terminal server monitor services to help your company get better results from their soft- and hardware. Among their offerings are remote desktop log software and a whole lot more.

Playing it Cool

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By Movincool

                The server room of any company is the brains of the operation. It isn’t the brains of the whole operation as we can’t discount the work and input of the employees, but it is definitely the brains of all the computers in the building. With thousands and maybe even millions of calculations happening  every second, server rooms can get hot and this is definitely not a good thing. When computers and servers get hot they start to work slower, reducing efficiency and productivity in work. When it gets too hot, serious problems can occur and damage might happen. Computer cooling is needed in situations like these and here’s why.

Server Error

                Servers are the brains of your whole computer network. Imagine what would happen if your brain overheats and just shuts off. The rest of your body would shut off with it turning you into a vegetable. For the time being your company loses work which means losing possible profit. This is why computer cooling is important and as an added line of defense, it is advisable that you get cooling units with built in dehumidification technology. Why need a dehumidifier?

Water is the enemy

                We all know water and computers just don’t go together. At one point, we’ve all seen what happens when someone accidentally spills water all over their laptop — spark, spark, dead. Humidity works the same way, just slower and less noticeable. With enough humidity though, your computers can suffer and eventually get destroyed. Get dehumidification solutions to prevent that.

Movincool is an experienced manufacturer of portable AC units. With experience in industrial and commercial air conditioning, Movincool has a cool solution for you.

Making Your Ads More Clickable

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Written by Ted Dhanik

Companies like Pringles, Red Bull and Volkswagon craft visually stunning banner advertising that help to sell more than products. These ads sell ideas, with well-crafted copy and eye-catching visuals. A good ad tells a story and involves the user in its concepts, but a good ad also conveys a point and knows when to let the story go in favor of the benefits. Only testing will determine which technique works best for you, but you can use some simple design tricks to make your ads more clickable.

Use Common Sizes

Beginning with the large rectangle size (336×280), the most successful ad sizes are the medium rectangle and leaderboard. The wide skyscraper rounds out the list, but whichever size you choose, you want your ad content above the fold. Think of “the fold” the way SEOs see page one on Google. You’re bidding on the chance that the user won’t scroll very far in the content, so the closer you are to the top, the better for your ad. Using common sizes helps ensure that you don’t have conflicts with the website that you’re trying to broadcast from.

Use Buttons

Buttons are one of the most effective parts of your display advertising. Buttons serve two purposes: something to draw the user’s focus, and something to call the user to action. Your entire banner is clickable, but that button helps center your user on the ad. Visually, the user looks at the focal point of your ad (usually the person or primary colors that are in the banner), then the eye is drawn to the next point of focus. That next point is almost always the button, with a call to action inside. Use colors that will attract the user, like greens, yellows, or oranges. Avoid reds and other colors that might detract. Of course, these rules will not work for every situation (Netflix employs red surprisingly well in their ads), but they do help as guidelines for the beginner.

Frame Your Ad

Knowing the common sizes for your ad allows you to frame them with a small border. Try not to conceive of the border in the literal sense of a frame outlining the ad, this is more like white space. This is a visual trick to help make your ad stand out. The advantage is that you create your own space for the ad, relying less on the margins defined by the webmaster. Try to leave about one to five pixels of whitespace around your image for the best effect.

Readable Text

In search advertising, you have the advantage of knowing how many characters you can fit into an ad, and the format never changes. A banner ad can fit the same amount of text without a problem, but the presentation is much more important. Cluttered text will throw off the user’s focus, and doesn’t serve your ad all that well to begin with. Bold the most important text, use divisions in the banner, and try to utilize colors and effects to make your text stand out. Clear, readable copy is just as important as the writing itself.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is a thought leader in the direct marketing space. As the co-founder and president of engage:BDR, Ted Dhanik has been helping businesses expand their customer base through optimized placements. Tips on how to succeed in direct marketing can be found by visiting Ted Dhanik online.

How Radar Guns Measure Speed

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Radar is a directed radio frequency transmission that is projected to an object and bounced back, allowing users to send and receive information. The information may include an object’s location, size, shape, composition, and velocity. First developed during WWII as a means of locating enemy ships and aircraft, radar is now used by a number of devices for an array of reasons, including police radar guns meant to deter speeding.

Radar Guns Explained

Radar uses a phenomenon known as the Doppler Shift to measure the speed of objects. Similar to sound waves, radio waves have their own specific frequency, or the number of oscillations made for each unit of time. When a car and a speed gun are both standing still, the echo and original signal will have the same wave frequency, creating a perfect mirror of the original signal.

However, when a car is moving, different parts of a radio signal are reflected at various points in space, which causes fluctuations in the wave pattern. When a car is traveling away from a radar gun, the signal’s second segment must travel farther to reach the car than its first segment. This stretches out a wave and produces a lower frequency. Conversely, when cars approach radar guns, the second segment of each signal travels shorter than the first prior to being reflected. This is how fixed points like radar speed limit signs help to measure speed and distance travelled.

Radar guns are able to calculate the speed of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles as they approach or drive away from the device. However, if police radar guns are used when a police car is moving, the movement of the cruiser must be factored into the equation. For example, if a police cruiser is traveling at 40 miles per hour and the gun says the target is moving away at a speed of 15 miles per hour, then the target is driving 55 miles per hour.

Common Radar Errors

There are many errors that can negatively affect the accuracy of a radar reading. The most common problem, cosine error, occurs when the radar beam hits the path of a target vehicle at an angle. The more pronounced the angle, the greater the error will be. This results in a reading that is slower than a car is actually traveling. However, some speed guns compensate for this error simply by allowing users to input an angle. Errors also come from frequency drift caused by fluctuating voltage, temperature changes, and so on.

Radar guns must be recertified and calibrated periodically, and if a driver contends a speeding ticket, the certifications of the radar operator and the radar device may be called into question in court. Radar guns sold by manufacturers like Radar Gun Sales have many safeguards in place to ensure the proper use of radar, and that the information they provide is both accurate and correctly interpreted.


Radar Gun Sales offers a variety of radar guns, including police radar guns and speed guns. To order a radar gun online, visit Radar Gun Sales.

Behavioral Vs. Contextual Targeting

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Written by Ted Dhanik.

The battle between contextual and behavioral targeting is just now coming to the forefront of display advertising. For a long time, advertisers utilized in-context links and ads to sell their products. Because of the nature of search, mainly that people tend to ask questions of search engines, contextual advertising was a reliable means for advertisers to draw upon text from the pages they were present on.

Google’s Impact

Google search ads were excellent tools for context, then organic optimization came around. This became a new twist on the idea of context, namely that you could use existing articles to try and sell your products. Google’s platform, and the size of its customer base, was a turning point for banner advertising.

Mobile Ads

The addition of mobile changed the playing field yet again, emphasizing the ability to target users by location. Aside from the changes to design that were ushered in by mobile, marketers started to toy with behavior. The theory suggested that users on smartphones were already in a position to buy if they just had the right information.

This is where behavior has become such a hot topic. Smartphones enabled marketers to experiment with new methods of tracking user behavior. Google’s Analytics program futher bolstered these efforts with the inclusion of event tracking. Soon, marketers could measure everything from a user’s location to whether they hit “play” on a video and how long they kept watching. The more marketers learn about the behavior of their audience, the better equipped they are to catch the user at a point in time where he is likely to buy.

Behavior Tracking

Behavior helps marketers adjust their efforts based on what a user does and has done. Now, a user searching for new shoes is shown ads based on what he has actually looked at. If he has placed shoes into a shopping cart, but not bought them, he may be shown a coupon for the purchase. This “next level” ad technology has helped marketers better connect with their audience by retargeting them.

Behavior tracking also helps marketers identify contrasting trends, like people who continually shop for one model of car and end up buying another. Behavioral targeting allows marketers to review this behavior and show effective ads to the end user based on what he actually wants.

Behavioral targeting has given way to the newest trend, retargeting. Through identification of users who have already seen an ad, marketers can further adjust their value propositions to try and sell again. These ads “follow” a user around the Web and serve relevant content based on past experience.

There is not one clear-cut winner in this skirmish. Most marketers will inevitably test both of these strategies in an attempt to improve conversion, but understanding which is likely to be more successful for your campaign is key.

Ted Dhanik is the co-founder and CEO of engage:BDR, an advertising network for direct marketing. Ted Dhanik has been a thought leader in the sales and direct marketing industries for over fifteen years. For more information, view Ted Dhanik online.

How to Metallize Plastic

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Written by: Denton Vacuum

Plastic does not innately conduct electricity. It’s also not usually reflective and glossy, unless you metalize it. The process leaves plastic pieces coated in a metallic shell, allowing usage in the same components that metal pieces would be used. Another advantage to metalizing plastic is that you can make a metallic component for cheaper than it would cost to make manufacture the metal piece. The final piece also has some protection against abrasion, and its lighter weight than a metal component would be. Here is how the vacuum metallization process works.


To begin, the piece is washed and coated with a base layer. This base layer helps the metallic coating get applied evenly over the surface of the piece. Then a metal, typically aluminum, is evaporated inside of a vacuum chamber. The vapors that are created during this process float around inside the sputtering systems, eventually settling on the plastic piece in a thin metallic layer.


To prevent the piece from oxidizing during the process, the entire metallization takes place within a sputter deposition system. The system creates the vacuum, preventing air from coming into contact with the metallic particles.

Final Preparations

If you want to increase the abrasion resistance on the piece you’re working with, a top coat can be applied after deposition is complete. These types of parts are found in automotive components and certain types of foils.