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Optimizing Your Terminal Sever with the Right Software

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Any large company needs to have a terminal server if they want to take advantage of the entirety of their staff. It lets countless people all get their work done at once and in a way that keeps everyone on the same page. Depending on the nature of your work, your own clients can be easily kept in the loop as well by giving them access.

While there are many advantages to a terminal server, it can also be a real headache for management. Having that many people all working within your system at the same time can be a scary prospect and provide a number of challenges you’d rather do without.

But terminal servers are worth the risk. And, fortunately, you can mitigate them in a way that actually lets you optimize their use.

One such option is a terminal server log. It works like a guest book for your server and every company should have one. Imagine if you always had a log of who was working in your system and when they were doing it. The log will even report back changes they made so you know what kind of work they were doing.

You can even log remote desktop work so people operating within your system from outside your office (WAH staff, clients, etc.) will also be monitored for accountability.


Article submitted by RDPSoft Company. The company specializes in all kinds of software solutions including those that allow your staff to have remote desktop sessions.

Thin Film Solar Uses Are Heating Up

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According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, thin film photovoltaic (PV) cells produced roughly 3,700 megawatts of power worldwide in 2010. But recent research by Wintergreen Research shows that this might just be scratching the surface of what thin film evaporation can mean for the solar energy industry. Wintergreen Research estimates that thin film PV cells will be a $44 billion market by 2017, a 15-fold increase from 2010 levels.

So why is this market expected to grow so much within the next decade? The growth can be partially attributed to the potential for new markets. According to Wintergreen Research, the auto industry is continuing to make inroads toward the acceptance of solar-powered vehicles, which will drive the need for more advanced solar technologies. Solar power will also be a growth factor in building construction.

Thin film optical coating systems have several advantages for the solar industry. Traditional solar panels have relied on silicon cells. These cells are very thick and rigid. By contrast, thin film solar panels are much thinner — they can be as little as one perfect of the total thickness of a silicon solar layer. This makes thin film solar layers much more flexible and gives end users greater application options.

Along with thickness and flexibility, thin film solar offers another advantage over silicon layers: production time. It is much faster to produce a high volume of thin film solar panels than it is to produce ones made from silicon. For high volume jobs that might need solar panels on a short timeframe, thin film panels offer a major benefit.

This blog post was contributed by Denton Vacuum, LLC. Denton Vacuum, LLC is one of the largest manufacturers and retailers of commercial thin-film devices such as PECVD machines.

Sweepstakes Parlors 101

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If you’re new to sweepstakes games, you might be wondering: what is a sweepstakes parlor? This blog post helps to define this relatively new type of business and explains why so many people are jumping on board.

Sweepstakes Parlor Defined

A sweepstakes parlor is a type of internet café business that offers consumers the opportunity to play internet sweepstakes games via computers. Similar to an internet café, the shop is home to rows of computers, anywhere from two to 100 of computers. A typical internet sweepstakes café might also feature a lounge area, a snack bar, and other games such as video games.

Not Just another Internet Cafe

Although a sweepstakes parlor is similar to an internet café, there is a difference between the two. What sets it apart from a typical internet café is the totem, or internet kiosk. You won’t find a totem at an internet café. A totem is a stand-alone machine that features a bill acceptor. Customers insert money into the kiosk to buy time on the internet. They then use the time to play the sweepstakes games. In addition to playing sweepstakes games, customers can use the internet time to surf the web, check their emails, and play other internet games.

Where to Find a Sweepstakes Parlor

Internet sweepstakes café are popping up all over the country. It’s possible that you already have a few stores near your home or office. A quick search online will reveal sweepstakes parlors at strip malls throughout the U.S.

Using Software to Improve Attendance

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 If you haven’t already checked, you might be amazed how much your company loses from people not showing up on time or staying as late as they should. Often it’s not a malicious thing or something people even do intentionally. They started out showing up on time, but as the years passed, that habit slowly eroded.

Make 2014 the year you bring that habit back in your staff. Punctuality may not seem like the most important thing when it comes to the bottom line, but the truth is it can have a huge effect on how your company performs.

Fortunately, 2014 is a great year to begin this goal as there are more options than ever before. In fact, if you have people who work for you from remote locations, there is technology that can easily track them now too. Thanks to online time clock options and online time tracking software, you can check up on anyone who works for you.

Software is especially handy as it can make reports or otherwise isolate all the people who were, say, late on a given day. You can easily search out patterns and stop bad habits while they’re early in development.

While you probably have many goals for your company in 2014, don’t forget how important attendance is. Thanks to all the soft and hardware tools, you can easily remind your staff now too.


Article submitted by Allied Time. They sell all the time keeping options a company needs to stay up and running including web based time clock options.